NASA finds White Hole and Black Hole Connection in our Universe

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Stephan Hawking Whenever a black hole is born in our Universe, a white hole is also born in our Universe. In simple words, the things that a black hole pulls in, a white hole pulls out from its back side, this side is called a white hole. But the reverse side originates from another galaxy. Nikodem Poplawaski has also claimed that white holes exist in reality in our universe.



Our Universe in Black Hole


NASA‘s James Webb Space Telescope recently made a shocking discovery. We and our universe are inside a black hole. In 2104, Nikodem Poplawski claimed this in his article. That our universe exists in a black hole. According to Stephan Hawking, when a black hole was born in our universe, then a parallel universe was also born with it, and a white hole in the universe was also born in it. Which is seen only when one passes through the event horizon of a black hole. In fact, the event horizon is the boundary of the objects inside the black hole and the white hole.


Slow Time in Black Hole


Any object outside the event horizon of a black hole feels its gravitational effect. If you or an object crosses the event horizon, it will be pulled by the singularity at the center of the black hole. Time even slows down near the event horizon. In comparison to the Earth, a different time is running in a black hole.

Several university professors have claimed that whatever objects a black hole pulls into itself, that object disappears forever.



White Hole Exist in Universe


White Hole in our Universe


Many scientists believe that in our own universe there is a parallel universe with black holes and in this universe there are white holes. Whenever a black hole pulls any object into it, it also pulls it out through the white hole. So maybe it is possible that 4.8 billion years ago we too were born like this.


 Nikodem Poplawaski  has claimed that black holes are the path to the multiverse. A black hole is a part of space where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape it, not even light. Which means it is not visible to our eyes but we can find it by the effect it has on the surrounding objects. For example, a black hole is surrounded by a deep cloud of gas and dust swirling around very quickly that emits large amounts of radiation called quasars.




And which is the bright object of the universe. This idea of ​​black hole was predicted by Einstein field theory. Each black has a singularity within it.


Proof Of White Holes Exist In Universe


Each black has a singularity within it. A point in this singularity where there is low volume and high density. According to scientists, every object that falls into a black hole becomes part of the singularity. But if I tell you that this is not a single singularity. What we got to see inside the black hole is not the singularity of the universe, but another kind of singularity exists in our universe, which we call the Big Bang Singularity.


Actually, our universe is expanding every day. And here everything is moving away from each other. But in 1960, Stephan Hawking noticed an expensive thing that if you imagine the universe, he noticed something from the singularity that shows that something is different between the black hole and the Big Bang. While the singularity of the black hole pulls things in, the singularity of the Big Bang pushes things outward.


It means that these two are completely opposite to each other. So can we compare the two? Now there is another mysterious object in our universe which can solve this problem. And that is the White Hole.


Proof White Hole also exists


A white hole is the exact opposite of a black hole, which pushes things outward. If an object wants to go to a white hole, it has to go faster than the speed of light, which is impossible. Research has revealed that there is a singularity in the white hole as well. Our own universe is also created due to this singularity. If this is all right, one wonders where so much mettle came from.


According to some theory black hole and white hole are connected by point of singularity. That is, the singularity that pulls things in through the black hole pulls things out with the help of this singularity white hole.


 So is it possible? 


In a black hole, if all the objects are combined to form a new universe. According to the theory published by scientist Lee Smolin, when an object crosses the event horizon of a black hole, it becomes part of this singularity. With this time, the mass and size of the singularity increases as it swallows the object. When it crosses over to observe the metal, a dangerous explosion occurs on the other side of the singularity. This new universe of Daughter Universe is created independent from the old one.


In which everything is born in a new way, in this new universe stars, planets, galaxies, moon, asteroid, meteorites, comets, black holes, white holes etc. everything is created in a new way. Then this same black hole will give birth to another new universe within itself and this cycle will continue.


According to this theory, a picture of a high black hole has been taken, and the universe he universe is inside them. So now it is understood that the universe we live in is also inside a black hole and outside a white hole.


Now you will say that this is an unproven theory but I will tell you what Dr Droger Penrose of England did with the help of his Penrose Diagram.


Penrose Diagram about White Hole


A mathematical proof of this theory was given in 1950. It means clear 13.8 billion years ago this universe is made from another universe the reason behind it is black hole and white hole. Which also proves that the black hole in our own universe is performing a task through the white hole.





Here, many scientists believe that supermassive black holes are a door to go to another universe or galaxy, i.e. the Multiverse, where the rules of physics will be completely different, and life will also be completely different here. There was a problem with the hypothesis that this theory No proper evidence.


A team of astronomers from the University of Waterloo has claimed that the Big Bang was replaced by a black hole. A mathematical professor named Robert Mann gave the theory that we are living inside a fourth dimension black hole. Which is formed by the extinction of a five dimensions star.


Scientists believe that supermassive black holes in space can swallow an object and continue to grow larger. The same James Webb Space Telescope is also engaged in detecting its star forming area. But the most surprising thing is that a connection was found between the black hole and the most mysterious object in the universe, dark matter, which also found evidence that the black hole is the source of dark energy.





In addition, it was found that the black hole is expanding rapidly. Which is similar to Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity. In 1990, it was discovered that every object in the universe is constantly moving away from each other. If understood in detail, dark energy pushes each object with a force greater than gravity, which was related to an idea given by Einstein, which was later rejected.


According to this theory, how our universe was formed 13.8 billion years ago, which has been expanding and expanding since then. According to many physicists, there was no time before the Big Bang because there was no need for time before the Big Bang. . Therefore, it was also born after the big bang explosion. So many people claim that our universe was not born from big bang dispatch but from a black hole and which is a clear proof that there is a white hole in this universe through which the black hole is born. Our universe exists after passing inside and exiting the white hole.

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