Did James Webb Space Refute the BIG BANG?

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Did James Webb Refute the BIG BANG


James Webb refute the Big Bang, James Webb space telescope has been working since only a few months and during this period it has sent amazing picture to us, but in between some new started to come in and many videos that the James Webb space telescope disapprove the BIG-BANG. This is very big news. Is it true?


Revolution in astronomy.


Human want excitement. This would be boring if things are launching and this is true about science people want to be a part of change. They want to be able to see that if you think about that Copernicus and Galileo said, that is not at the center of our solar system. This was a very big news. It was a scientific revolution. Similarly, this was a big news at the beginning of the 20th century that the galaxies are not a part of a galaxy or a milky way, but they themselves are large galaxies and they look small because they are very far. And the Edwin Hubble.

This was in late 1920 century when he discovered that these galaxies are moving away from us which mean our universe is expanding. This is about expansion days were very big news and revolutionary ideas with reference to our science.

In 1919 century, the discovery of the first exoplanets (the planets, which orbit around another song) was also a very big news. But the idea of the exoplanets was present anyway now so it’s normally slow space. The changes in it have to be verified and verified again to find out if it is correct or not.

Far example, this accelerating universe or dark energy are related term. This was late 1990 century, when the surprising fact emerged that not only is our universe expanding rather the speed of its expansion of accelerating. The reason for the acceleration afterwards was said to be dark energy. It is still not known what is dark energy, but it’s information did not come just like that.

Certainly some news came, and everybody started to say our universe accelerating. In fact, it was verified by several year, people get doubting it.

Graph Big Bang

And eventually people said that many result are confirming it and some years before, noble prize was awarded on this object, (dark energy).


Nature Internet.


Science is a Conservative process when there is talk of a big change they say let’s test further and if it’s revolutionary further test are necessary. But the nature of our Internet today and YouTube I am talking to you through Google, but this video was to say the most sensational things first. The more sensational, the news, the more, the reward you will get.

If sensual news comes in your title, the universe is not expanding, (for example) people say that is this the more provocative your your title, the more, the people will collect you which is called clickbait. The more the people see you, the more Google will show it to other people. I know where the algorithm of Google through, which is searches, and it rewards you, the more sensational you talk the more article, they will show.

For this reason, many new especially regarding science are not so revolutionary as you come to know from its title. Now this news, the James Webb telescope has said through new images of big bang did not happen. Is this the type of story.


Puzzle in JWT images about Big Bang


Where did the story of James Webb and non-happening a big bang come from?  Actually, the James Webb space telescope is a cool telescope. It is a new telescope and with any new instruments you start to know many new things

Compare image of Big Bang

I mean, of course you compare it with the old images but the reason about the excitement for this kind of telescope was that this would tell us the cutting edge type of science.

One image among them was of a galaxy cluster name, SMACS, which was awesome because they included some galaxies which were formed after a few million years of the beginning of our universe and it’s light reaches us.

This was amazing that James Webb telescope detected it so easily. There was an interesting puzzle in it for astronomers. The previous idea was that the first galaxies of our universe would take more than 300-400 million years to form. But Hubble Space Telescope before, and James Webb space telescope now have pushed it more. That idea now is that the first galaxies after 200 million years can be seen to have formed (who are large extent). This is an interesting challenge for astronomers, what was the process? How old did it from so quickly? This was about a puzzle. But one minute where is it in this that the Big Bang never happened.


How did this become a story of Big Bang?


It’s connection is actually read an article written by a popular science. Its title was the Big Bang didn’t happen. Highlighted paragraph in its introduction, says the Big Bang hypothesis which states the universe has been expanding since it began 14 billion years ago in a hot and dense state is contradicted by the new James Webb telescope images. Yeah you can imagine that this paragraph picked up by a different news outlets, and many other, who make a video saying that James Webb space telescope has refuted the Big Bang.

First of all, I will say it very clearly that this is not so that the first image of the James Webb space telescope had wholly refuted the Big Bang theory. I would like to mention a broader point that whenever you hear such a big statement about science, you should immediately be skeptical. You should think whether this statement is correct, or it has only been made sensational so that people click it more.


Evidence of Big Bang


Now the Big Bang model is a widely accepted model in the scientific community, and there are many reasons for it. One is there is a lot of evidence present in its support. For example the Big Bang the expression of all the universe. At the beginning of our universe was dense and hot. Similarly, its properties tell what type of elements, and in what quality they were made in the beginning of universe.

The Big Bang model very nicely predict the abundance of hydrogen, helium and lithium. And then the most significant thing was its prediction that there would be a background radiation in the whole universe. It will have a temperature of a few degrees Kelvin.

cosmic microwave background
This is called cosmic microwave background and was discovered around 1965.

This was a very stunning confirmation of the big bang model. Besides this there are many other things which confirm the Big Bang model. This does not mean all the problems have been solved. Astronomers are trying to refine thing and different type of interesting places.


Can Big Bang Be Wrong?


Now can this Big Bang model wholly wrong?  Possible  chances are slim, but it is possible. But up till now the alternative models of the Big Bang have not been able to explain all these things which ever Mother is there it has to explain the cosmic microwave background, it has to explain the abundance in the beginning also the expansion etc etc. So spin. There is no alternative model present, which may work better than the Big Bang model. But BIGBANG has challenges.

As I said in what time the earliest galaxies were formed This is a fascinating challenge. Besides, there is another thing called cosmological crisis of the standard model. There are also people say the different types of results are not matching up. But up to now if you talk to an astronomer in general, he will see the framework overall of the Big Bang is correct and work is proceeding on the different disagreement (in its detail) no alternative better than that is present. By the way, if you know, the evidence of Big Bang saw click here.

Can the scientists not disagree with one another? No definitely no, whether these agreements are very crucial for advancement of science have much importance, because for this very reason different things are tested and gradually, the ideas, which are not correct, according to observations or other reasons are removed. And the correct ideas, which keep on being confirmed by observation, keep on being included.

I am telling you this in a very simplified way, but this is a long process and this agreement in size is a central feature. In fact, if you overturn an established idea scientists give you a noble prize. The biggest prize is for our turning the established the idea of accelerating universe.

Now , this type of ideas are scientific idea and they are published in scientific journals also. I will give you an example. There is one theory that the speed of light which we think is constant. One idea is variable speed of light theory, they said that the value of the speed of light has been changing in this history of our universe. Papers on this topic have been published in a scientific journals. Now do most of the scientists accept this? No, but this is a valid scientific idea which is science generally is not presumed to be correct.

So according to science communicated (as I am talking to you on this article). This is our responsibility when this sort of idea which is an outlier, meaning the variable light theory, is not a general ASAP that idea, but is the scientific ideas, so providing a context is necessity for us.  It mean when I talk about the variable speed of light theory, I should not say that the speed of light in science is no more constant, in fact, I will say it is an outlier idea, and interesting idea, but until now it’s full support is not present.


More on why this become a story?


Now this Big Bang theory this is some other complication in it. This claim BIGBANG didn’t happen, is that theory of popular science writer, Eric learner (his book also by this name was published in 1991) in a popular post. This was not published even in any scientific journal.

There are other problems also in this article what is the far example, tune used in it is like cosmologists (people who study and research on the universe and understand it) are panicked. Why, because an article came after the image of the James Webb space telescope and it had not been printed yet (it was in reprint) which had a cute name PANIC! AT THE DISKS because there are disks in the list galaxies. This is a funny title, because this was taken by astronomers from a rock group (interesting group)

panic at the disco and given Panic! at the Disks. After that, there is the normal title of the paper. But this gentleman, Eric, picked it up from there and said cosmologists are panicking because Big Bang is not correct according to the new results. This is a very misleading thing and after that different papers, websites and video makers starting saying big bang did not happen. James Webb space telescope has refuted the Big Bang. You can see that even if you take a little of its context, you will immediately realized that it’s not so.

If I’m going, I will just say when you hear this type of sensational headlines, such as an asteroid is about to come, which will collide with earth or another UFO has been discovered, seen somewhere and actually now proof of intelligence has been obtained on that Neutrinos are passing with more than the speed of light.

In all of these, your skepticism should awaken immediately, and you should investigate a little more, whether this was published in some scientific journal or not, and what is its context in all of this that amazing thing is (This is not your are my theory) that humans can find out different things about our universe. and James Webb telescope is a new tool, which, in the next few months or years will refine many of our ideas, overturn some of them, but it will overturn the whole big, bang theory or not, I think do not bet on it.


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