Why Milky Way Galaxy Is Going To Disappear Soon

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In today’s date, we see Milky Way Galaxy as something like this.

Milky Way look like this in 2023

But the interesting thing is that 20 years ago, our parents used to see Milky Way Galaxy as something like this.

Milky Way Look like this in 2000

Meaning you can clearly see here that the Milky Way Galaxy we see today is nothing compared to what our parent used to see. But the most unfortunate thing is that if this continues, then our future children will never see Milky Way Galaxy. They will only be able to see Milky Way Galaxy is old picture not in real life.


Journal Of Science Research: According to a research published in the journal of science, where in 2011 you could see hundred stars together from your location, in today’s date, they have reduced to only 34 stars. But this is not just a matter of stars or Milky Way. Rather, the larger picture of Milky Way is the Milky Way. And this is a very serious problem in reality. Because it tells us that the existence of humans has become a powerful and dominating over other species in today’s date.


In today’s date, there are only seven places in India, where we can see the Milky Way Galaxy. The current situation of the Milky Way Galaxy in India has happened in America since 1994. The situation there has become so bad that you can only guess from this fact, that one day when they saw a grayish white cloud in the sky, then the people there-literally, seeing that cloud scared, and called the US emergency service, 911 for help. Cloud picture showing on the below

Cloud in Milky Way Galaxy

People clear that they were able to see stars, planets, and even satellites with their eyes. It was okay to see the stars in the sky. But when they saw grayish white cloud in the sky, then they thought that it was a meteor or an asteroid that was going to fall there. US emergency service reached there, then they saw that the one they were so scared of, was actually Milky Way Galaxy. Now this incident sound very funny to hear, but this incident is pointing towards an underlying problem.


Animal Behavior with Milky Way Galaxy


There are some insects in Africa, who is entire life depends on how clearly the Milky Way Galaxy is visible in the sky. Well, for example, there is an insect in South Africa called Dung Beetle, on which in 2013 biologist Mary Dackey and her team conducted our research. Then they saw that these little at night always walk in straight line without any landmarks or references. And they were clueless about their behavior. How were they able to do this? Because they knew that insect like Dung Beetle’s eyes are made up of many small lenses. And the contradiction here was that they were unable to focus on point object like stars. And they were seen as completely dim.

This mean, that Dung Beetles are not able to navigate in the sky with the help of stars. So the questions that stood before the researcher was, how were they able to walk in a straight line, even in such darkness? To find out the answer to this question, the scientist took those Beatles to Johannesburg planetarium, which is a place where they could project night sky through a projector. They could artificially create it. They took them there for the sake of an experiment. Here they could manipulate the Starlight to find out with the whose help those beetles find their way.

One-day while manipulate the starlight, they found an interesting correlation between their behavior and the Milky Way Galaxy. With this correlation, they assumed that the beetles would follow the Milky Way’s arm in the sky. To confirm this, they change the direction of the Milky Way Galaxy arms in the planetarium many times. They were right. They saw that every time the direction of the arm changed the beetles would follow it and travel in a straight line. And because of this, it is highly possible that if the milky was stops, looking the behavior of the beetles will change.


Why Milky Way Disappears?


Interestingly, after detail research on this matter by thousand of scientists, it came to light that the reason behind this phenomenon is a very special kind of pollution, which I have never talked about before. And that pollution is called light pollution. Actually in 2014, the president of national Association for protection of night in environment in Italy, physicist, Fabio Falci, studied the night sky in detailed. During the study, he compared the observation of more than 35,000 ground telescopes And made a scale of the quantity of the night sky through them.

Night Sky

Falci compare the most common galaxies in the sky, like Andromeda and Triangulum, and the brightest planet Jupiter. And he calculated how bright these objects look at different locations. That on the basis of these calculation, he divided the night sky into different classes and plotted it on our world map.Light Pollution World Map

Now, I will tell you exactly what to see in this map. So, look, quality of the night sky in the areas that or dark grey is the best. That is from these locations you can only see the Milky Way galaxy with your own eyes. But as soon as the color changes, the colors change from dark grey to brighter shade, and finally turn white. on locations, the quality of the night sky gets worse and the stars stop being visible.

So simple, the quality of the night sky gets worse like as New York, Paris, Karachi, London, Lahore, Mumbai, Delhi are in the same condition. That means, where the population and development is more the quality of the night sky is worse. In all these developed countries, the use of light is very high. If you shut down all lights, then you can’t see sky clear because in these developed countries also air pollution in the sky in the situation, the dust particle in the air scatter the light in this way, and make the situation even worse.

Ophthalmology Research


Let’s assume that in the next 50 years we have controlled both these pollution. Even then, will we no longer be able to see the Milky Way galaxy? Well, another pattern is emerging here, which is affecting these phenomena. And if that continues then, yes it will be difficult for us in the future.

In fact, scientist of the American Academy of Ophthalmology conducted a study in 2016. In this study, they analyzed service related to many eye diseases, and plotted a graph on their basis.

the American Academy of Ophthalmology Graph
Credit: The American Academy of Ophthalmology Graph

According to this graph, by 2050 nearly half of the world will be affected by myopia. Simply speaking, their vision distance will be weekend. And this is because according to an eye specialist professor of the university of Anglia, Rupert Bourne, people’s screen time is increasing, due to which their vision is directly blurred.

In fact, this has already happened in Singapore. You may not even know this, but in today’s time, Singapore has literally become the world’s myopia capital Singapore because 80% of people suffer from myopia. And interestingly, Singapore is the country where the most light pollution is also happening. That is according to the trend, Singapore will be the first country where people will never be able to see the Milky Way Galaxy again.

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