What was Before the Big Bang? – Big Bang

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Today, we will talk about the big bang that’s what was before the Big Bang . The beginning of the universe took place with the Big Bang about 13.8 billion years ago. We have talked about this is another article “ What is the evidence of the Big Bang? Remember that three evidence of the Big Bang?”

But what was before the Big Bang? How should we think about these type of question?Through Big Bang Look at the universe

When we look at the universe, we see that the galaxies are moving away from each other, and the reason we know is that the universe is expanding. When will you watch the process?

We come to know that a long time ago, the distance was less and the density was more and if you keep on going back 13.8 billion years ago, it become one dot and the dimensions of that dot are zero and it’s expected density is infinite. This is called the Big Bang and our universe started expanding from the Big Bang.

No, the question is what was before the Big Bang?

There are several answers. One linguistic answer is when you are talking off before the Big Bang you are talking about time. We know that there are four dimension of our universe, three of space and one time. So this dimension also began with the beginning of the universe from the dot 13.8 billion years ago.

So this question what was before the Big Bang does not make sense at the time dimension do not exist before this point.

dimension do not exist before this point.

This is one answer but many astronomer scientist are not satisfied with this answer. The reason is when we talk about the dot Leicester numbers, call its singularity which is similar to the ones present in the black hole.

Singularity means dimension of zero and density is infinite, but you have to be very careful while dealing with infinity, especially in science, probably because our laws are not complete.

And a reality when you are talking about similarity the mass is present it mean that it’s explanation of gravity will explain Einstein general theory of relativity. But this game is very minute and a theory that explains things on this minute scale in the quantum theory.

Up till now, we have no solution to these two theories being compatible. We are still searching for the quantum theory of gravity (not found yet) and its solution.

Know when we are talking about singularity, then instead of saying that the question of before is senseless, we should try to solve it some other way.

Einstein presented and analogy that if you go in the past of the space-time dimension (he was talking about geodesics) you can place it to the beginning, just as you can trace the beginning of the longitudes on the globe (Earth).

These longitude are on the north of the globe, and if you asked what is north of North Pole, it has no sense, because the north is the north pole.

Likewise, Einstein meant that when we talk about space time, that is the beginning of time and it doesn’t make sense what is before the Big Bang because it’s just like what is north of the North Pole. This is one answer that is another answer, which, according to the astronomer is that.

According to the astronomers is that the beginning of the universe (expansion) is a part of the quantum fluctuations. This is at infinite space and this space is not of our dimension.

It is outside our universe where constant quantum fluctuation are taking place constantly, and we know that this sort of fluctuations occur in empty spaces of our universe, but these fluctuation outside our universe and Wendy’s fluctuations expand it is the beginning of the universe and our Big Bang also due to one such fluctuation.

It mean not only our universe, but an infinite number of universe are present. And this is named “MULTIVERSE” by astronomers.

In one sense outside our time, dimension universe are being created constantly know, and our universe is one of those infinite number of universes.

Infinit Galaxy

I know you will ask, one question question, “wait for a minute” if our universe started from there then what is the origin of the Multiverse?

This is a good question, and these questions pose a challenge to us to think about the “question of the beginning” scientifically. One analogy is about Adeel question of beginning. If you talking about 200 to 250 years ago the physician (natural philosopher called at that time) thought that scientist cannot answer these questions.

How was our earth formed? How was our solar system formed?

I because 150 to 200 years ago, we did not even know how big is our universe and other galaxies are present. And it was very difficult to understand this question. How old is our Earth (today we know it is 4.5 billion years old) 200 years ago.

Many physician at that I said that we can answer many questions but not this one that how were our earth and our solar system formed? Because these are not scientific questions. But today we have very solid answer to this question is that how about our solar system formed? How did the gas cloud collapse and how were the Sun and its planet formed?

Not only this, but also meant about four .5 billion years ago, and this figure is confirmed and not debatable.

Similarly, there are other questions such as the origin of life, origin of galaxies, origin of stars, and origin of the universe. These are all question of the beginning, and there are exciting questions because we do not know their answers.

In science, it is not existing if you are seeking answers to a question that is known to everybody. Excitement is when you seek answers to questions, not known to us. When we were talking about the beginning of Big Bang, or what was before the Big Bang this is one question whose answer we do not have at the present moment.

Maybe in the next 10, 50 or 1000 years, we may know the answer to this question. It’s also maybe Multiverse or something very different. But the approach is that we do not know what was before the Big Bang.

Nevertheless, some ideas are there it maybe Multiverse, maybe membrane theory ) with some people talk about), or something else. But the main thing is to the remain curious and inquisitive about these matters and see what we can test, and what not.

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