Finally White Hole Discovered Unbelievable New Development by NASA!

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We discovered the white hole (worm hole) due to an event in 2006. A cosmic object whose presence in the present universe was predicted by Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. A Gamma Ray Burst in 2016 confirmed the existence of a worm hole in space. But still there are many scientists who don’t even believe this, they say that it is not a white hole but something else. So what is what we have recently found then is a black hole a hypothetical object.



What is White Hole?


A worm hole is an object that ejects matter from within itself. Just like a black hole, a black hole pulls things in, even light, while the opposite white hole throws things out. Rather, white hole and black hole are linked with each other. Rather, the white hole is the part of the black hole, where the black hole eats things, and on the other hand, where the white hole takes things out, it is called a white hole.


Stephen Hawking said in his theory everything. According to his theory, everything exists with its equal and opposite. This is also true, for example in physics, Newton’s third law also says that every action has a reaction. For example, look at the moon, sun, boy, girl, hot cold, soft hard, or matter and anti-matter in the universe. The equal and balance opposite of everything exists in this world. Similarly, the opposite of black hole is worm Hole also exists in this world.


How looks White Hole


White Hole


We were unknown for a long time. On the one hand, we got pictures of black holes and also knew how they are formed, but on the other hand, we had no idea about worm holes. How does it look? Well, today we know that worm holes are also formed with the formation of black holes because white holes are a part of black holes and the second is how white holes appear. As we know black hole looks black, so worm hole will look white because according to Stephen Hawking’s theory of everything exists with its equal and opposite.


How looks White Hole


Just like a black hole takes any object inside it and does not allow it to come out, similarly a white hole does not allow any object to enter again after throwing it out. Even if a spacecraft becomes such that its speed exceeds the speed of light, if it wants to enter the white hole, the high particles and heat of the white hole will melt the spacecraft and turn it into ashes in a few minutes. . If a spacecraft escapes its particles and heat, how will it escape the light of the worm hole, because the light of the white hole will be so bright that we can be blinded in a few minutes?


This is the hypothesis given by all the theoretical scientists. Actually, no scientist knows how a worm hole is formed.


What really White Hole Discovered?


In the year 2006, with the help of NASA’s spacecraft Swift satellite, a picture of strange powerful gamma rays bursts was captured in a part of space.




If seen now, bursts happening in space are quite common. But astronomers saw something special in them, which is why they named this burst as a worm hole.


 Space bursts are divided into two types. 


  • Short Bursts:/Long Bursts
  • Supernova


Short Bursts:/Long Bursts


When this strange burst was observed, it became clear that there is no such star around it that can emit so much radiation. Where a normal gamma ray burst takes two to three seconds to end, this gamma ray burst continuously took one hundred and two seconds and that too without any explosion, from where the hypothesis was born, which is called a worm hole. given. Because its conditions were matching the same to the conditions of worm hole formed, due to which it was named worm hole. But still this mystery is not solved whether it is really a worm hole or something else because NASA, ESA ROSCOSMOS no space agency has published it yet.

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