NASA reveal object which is Eating our Galaxy

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The Hubble Space Telescope recently photographed six galaxies that are 1100 light-years away. But it’s not that those galaxies are so far away, it’s that those galaxies are all dead. All the energy from these six galaxies has been squeezed out by one object.


Object Near our galaxy


These are the six galaxies that an unknown object squeezed six of these six galaxies.


W2246-0526 Galaxy


The brightest galaxy so far in 2018, W2246-0526, was seen eating not one, not two, but three galaxies together.



What will happen with our Galaxy


A similar object is eating our galaxy too. According to a recent research, our own milky way 2 is being pulled towards an invisible object at a speed of 2.2 million kilometers per hours. The surprising thing is that our milky way is 1.8 lakh kilometers faster than its normal speed. No one knows why this is happening to our galaxy. But some theory tries to predict. For example Dark Flow Theory.



Dark Flow Theory


This dark flow theory talks about a mysterious phenomenon called dark flow. Which is a flow that is carrying all the galaxies along with it. This is a flow that has no source of gravitational force. So, is this the same dark flow that ate these six galaxies and is now eating our milky way?


But talking about today, today we see our milky way safe. But with the strange things going on inside it, there’s no denying that our Milky Way is on its way to destruction.


In 2020, when Ziteng Wang, a student at the University of Sydney, classified the data of Australia’s ASKAP Radio-Telescope, these 2 million objects were detected by his radio, one of which had no name or sign. What did When they tried to visualize that object, be it x-ray, ultraviolet, visible light or infrared spectrum, then they could not visualize it.


Earlier, astronomers and we believed that our galaxy was moving forward on its own, but this is not the case. The galaxies around us, which are our neighboring galaxies, along with us, that is, our own Milky Way, are also being pulled by an unknown source of gravity. But we still don’t know what that thing is. Due to which this entire region has been named The Great Attractor.


When astronomers researched further, our galaxy and our neighboring galaxies are moving towards the Virgo cluster. But surprisingly, Virgo cluster itself is moving towards a cluster. Which is the Norma Cluster, This cluster is equal to one trillion of our suns or as massive as a thousand galaxies


The Great Attractor


Norma Cluster


When I did more research about the Norma cluster of the Great Attractor, it was found that the Norma cluster could not attract so many galaxies, so it became clear that there is such a strange object that is pulling all the galaxies towards it with its force. Hiding behind the Norma cluster.


When the scientists did the research, it was found that the sharply cluster behind the Norma cluster is actually ten times more massive than the Norma cluster. If you look carefully at the image, you will clearly see that our milky way is not pulled by a normal cluster but by a sharply super cluster.


Is the sharply cluster pulling our galaxy?


When this was found through calculations, it was found that the speed of our milky way is 1.8 lakh kilometers per hour from the normal speed. While calculating the same, it was found that the gravity of the great attractor, the gravity of the Virgo cluster, the gravity of the normal cluster and the gravity of the sharply super cluster, even after adding them all, the net velocity of the milky way is not being justified. Some amount of mass still missing probably sharply there is someone behind the cluster that is pulling our galaxy towards itself.

How this type of conclusion we find!


With the help of the PARK Radio Telescope in Australia, 880 were recently observed, of which a third were completely new galaxies to us, only 250 million light years away. This galaxy was behind the zone of avoidance and this is the object that is attracting us.



Vela Super Cluster


Now we know that what we have blocked is the zone of evidence, but is there Vela Super Cluster in it.


Vela Super Cluster


The speed of every galaxy in this Vela Super Cluster is 50 km per second. If you convert this 50 per second into an hour, the value will come to 1.8 lakh km per second, which is exactly the same value as now. was missing until And it is this object that is pulling and destroying other galaxies like ours. It is also the biggest discovery till date which has been discovered recently.

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