Can we see Green Comet again in 2023 – Green Comet

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Many People Saw Green Come

Do you know that a green comet was seen on earth? It was a unique comet that was seen after fifty thousand years. Will we be able to see this green comet again or not? This question started when the green comet was first seen. On February 2, 2023, it was seen after midnight on the Northwest.

Green Comet

It was a comet that was seen by many people with telescopes and binoculars and even the green comet was seen with naked eyes. The name of this comet can be called C/2002 E3 (ZTF) or simply green comet. If you don’t know about comet you need to know about comet first.


What is Comet


A comet has a sensitive body.

Comet Overview

Comets are usually made of gold, rock, ice, dust, and gases. Green comet is also orbiting around our sun like other comets. As comets begin to approach the star, their ices begin to melt—evaporate—creating the comet’s plume that we see through light. On the other hand gases also begin to escape which forms the second plume of the comet. If you look closely at the center of the comet, you will see the nucleus. Nucleus is the part where gas ice or rocks are present.

When it moves towards the solar wind its two tails form opposite to the solar wind.




We talk about Coma, coma is the atmosphere that surrounds the nucleus. As there is an atmosphere around the earth, there is also an atmosphere around the nucleus.

When light falls on ice it begins to melt and as it melts it becomes bright. The coma appears bright to you because it becomes bright because of its atmosphere and its length is several thousand kilometers. The comet that you see at night or the green comet that you saw actually had its light spread for thousands of kilometers but it also disappears in a second. It actually has a link to the speed of light.

Comet Overview

In the picture you will be seeing two tails of the comet one of which is the Dust Tail which is usually yellow or white in color and the other is the ION Tail which is made of gases and when the gases are heated, they also show their color.


How Comets are Formed?


Now this question must be arising in your mind that where do these comets come from and how are they formed.

First of all, let me tell you that comets are born when a solar system is formed at that time many comets are born in the form of rock gold diamond ion platinum where do they all come from? This is also an interesting question when a nova attack occurs.

So at that time the particles that travel in space due to the explosion of the star are actually comets. About 180 miles away from our earth, there is an asteroid belt near Saturn, which contains comets made of gold comet, green comet, ION comet and many other comets which is very rare on our earth. In this NASA also discovered the gold comet, now NASA is trying to bring this comet to earth. You can know more about it by clicking here.


Where is Comet


Where do these comets come from is a big question. To find out you have to go outside the solar system. Next to Neptune is an asteroid belt called the Kuiper belt.

Comets Rocks

This image is of the Kuiper Belt. Now if you go further than that you will also find the Oort Cloud Belt. The Sun’s light doesn’t reach it and it doesn’t have any stars which makes it so dark from space. It is impossible to see.

Let me tell you that there are two types of comets one that completes its cycle around the sun in two hundred years is called orbital period, they are also called short period, they are present in the Kuiper belt and the other type. Comets are also called long term comets. These comets are located on the boundary of the Oort cloud.

Whenever a comet starts orbiting the Sun it sheds a lot of payload, i.e. it disintegrates, then it travels through space, then it enters the planetary boundary.

As soon as they enter the atmosphere of a planet they catch fire and we call them broken stars.


Can see again Green Comet


In 2002/2002 (E3) ZTF Zwicky Transient Facility collaborated with the Palomar Observatory in California to first detect this green comet.

The first question was whether it was a Comet or an Asteroid. Scientists at the time thought it was an asteroid because we see asteroids in many places. When this green comet came to Jupiter, it was very bright and its light was green. When scientists studied it, it was found that its orbital period is fifty thousand years. That is, it clearly means that when it was first seen on this earth, there was ice on the earth at that time, which means that the earth had an ice age at that time.

On January 12, 2023, this green comet was closest to the Sun, its distance was only 160 Million KM from the Sun. After that, it started to come closest to the Earth. On February 2, 2023, this green comet was 42 million KM away from the Earth. Let me inform one more thing that green comet is in elliptical orbit, we are doing a lot of research on it but we don’t know many details about it and we don’t know much about its orbit either. But we estimate that the diameter of this orbit is one kilometer. And it comes from the Oort Cloud itself.


Why was the color of this comet green?


Earth has also seen a comet in 1997 which had a diameter of 60 km. In this sense, this green comet was a small comet that we saw.

This comet that we saw had two tails, one was green in color. This tail is made of gases, diatomic carbon (C2) and cyanogen (CN). These gases are colored due to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun produces and its color is green. It appears green because it contains diatomic carbon (C2) and cyanogen (CN), but it also has a dull yellow color.

Yes, this comet was not only green but also yellow. In a way, you can say that it was a mixture of green and yellow. The main reason for this color is that whatever light there is from the sun is reflected from the dust. The yellow color you saw was from the sunlight. It came for a reason.



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