Psyche 16 asteroid worth and mission – Gold Asteroid

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There is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter that is 180 million kilometers from Earth. Millions of asteroids or comets are moving in this belt and many of these asteroids have been studied by scientists, but many of these asteroids are made of platinum, diamonds and gold.



Value of Gold Asteroid


Gold Asteroid


One of the asteroids was studied by the Hubble Webb Space Telescope, then this asteroid caused a stir in the world of the Internet. It was a huge asteroid made of gold and platinum. Its size is 200 km and the gold inside the earth is more than platinum ie its value is 1000 QUA$.


Worth of this Asteroid


This value is so high that you can estimate that 1Q=1000T and 1T=1000BLN, it is so high that even if it is distributed equally among all the people in the world, 9300 million dollars per person will come



Impact on Human of Gold Asteroid


Now you may be saying that this asteroid should come to earth soon and we pick up first. If this happens, then all the people in this world will not need to work and this will happen because of which the work of this world will stop, nothing will be made, all the trade of the world will end in one fell swoop and also the value of money will disappear in one fell swoop because we work only for money, when everyone has 9300 crores, no one will need to work. But assuming its value remains even after it comes, will we be able to bring such a big asteroid to earth or not?


Will this asteroid hit Earth or not?


Will this asteroid fall to earth and this asteroid was first discovered in 1852 by the Astronomer of Italy (Annibale De Gasparis).


Named Psyche 16, it is located 230 million kilometers from Earth. This distance is so great that even if all the currencies of this world are added to bring it to earth, it will still require many more money.



NASA and China Mission


But NASA and China are going to send a spacecraft to this asteroid in 2024 which will reach there by 2027. Everyone will try to study it further and bring this asteroid to earth as soon as possible. But let me tell you one thing, the purpose of the spacecraft that NASA and China sent to this asteroid is not to bring this asteroid to earth, but to study it. NASA scientists will also mine it. From which the eyes of the whole world are on the gold and platinum hidden inside this asteroid.

Now you must be thinking that something like this asteroid will come and hit the earth by itself.


If Asteroids Hit Earth


Whenever an asteroid hits the earth, its speed increases to 50,000 km per hour. At the same time, as soon as the asteroid enters the earth’s atmosphere, the temperature becomes very high then this golden asteroid will reach the earth then due to its temperature this asteroid will turn into ash.


Whenever an asteroid hits the Earth, it destroys it. Due to this collision, the entire earth will shake in a single shock causing very dangerous storms and tsunamis which will destroy us humans in a few seconds. After hearing this would you still want this asteroid to hit Earth?


Considering this asteroid is very valuable the good thing is that it is right next to Mars in our solar system. If we have to get it, China and NASA will have to do asteroid mining to bring the gold from the asteroid to Earth. NASA and China are working hard on this mission and trying to bring this asteroid to Earth.



Another Gold Asteroid


A few days ago an asteroid passed very close to the Earth, which contained $5.4 trillion worth of gold. The scientists in the International Space Station also saw that if an asteroid comes near the earth and starts rotating around the earth due to the gravity of the earth, then we can easily go and bring gold from there.



Iron Metroid


Metroid made of IRON


Also, let’s talk about a Metroid. It was found in Namibia in 1930. It fell on earth 80,000 years ago and caused a lot of destruction on earth. It weighs 66 tons and it is an iron asteroid. Its name is Hoba, which means gift. According to a study, this Metroid must have hit the Earth at a great distance. Similarly, many asteroids keep coming to our earth due to which they cause a lot of destruction on earth. But we should also remember that their impact brought water to our land and after that only then did life begin.



Kuiper Belt


Kuiper Belt


Now let’s talk about the Kuiper belt. It is 50 AU (Astronomical Unit) away from Neptune. Its size is much bigger than the asteroid belt. It has billions of asteroids, comets and Metroid. In addition, four stars were also discovered in the Kuiper belt. We didn’t know about it before, we couldn’t even imagine that these objects will also be present in this belt.


Gold and diamond asteroids can also be present in this belt. But these belts are very far from the Sun, due to which sunlight does not reach them, that is the reason why we cannot see them. Next to it is a very large old clod, which is very large in size and is also called the boundary of this solar system. The comet from which the water on earth came was also a part of this old clod. Because there are many ice comets moving around in this old clod and there may be a planet whose gravity scientists are sensing today.


It remains a mystery because it is so far away from the Sun that we cannot see it. Because of human knowledge, we have discovered that there is so much more to our solar system that we do not yet know. As soon as we know about them, you will be informed.

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