Luna 25 Russian Spacecraft reached in the moon’s orbit

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Luna 25 is pulled by the Moon’s gravity. Now Russia’s Luna 25 has reached very close to the moon. India’s Chandrayaan 3 took more than 25 days to reach this point, but Luna 25 covered this journey in five days. After all, how did this whole process happen, how did Luna 25 reach the moon’s orbit so quickly?


Luna 25 Process


Luna 25 mission was launched on August 11 at 4:40 am by Soyuz 2.1V rocket.

Luna 25 by Soyuz 2.1V rocket

The rocket with which Russia has launched Luna 25 is a very powerful rocket.

Luna 25 Rocket

The length of this rocket is 86.3 meters, its diameter is 10.3 meters, and its weight is 313 tons. After this rocket left Luna in Earth’s orbit, the spacecraft continued its journey towards the Moon. After five days of travel, it has entered the moon’s orbit.

It will orbit the moon for four to five days, after which it will attempt to land on the moon’s south pole on August 21 or 23. Here comes a question, how did this spacecraft enter the orbit of the moon? What principles of science are at work here try to understand the whole process.


Understand Process


Whenever a spacecraft enters the gravitational field of the Moon, the process is called Lunar Orbit Insertion. The gravity of the moon starts at a distance of 40,000 km from the surface of the moon, even there is an area of ​​gravity of the moon.

The most important point here is that at this point it is most important to control the speed of any spacecraft because if the speed is accelerated even a little, the spacecraft can go to the other side of the moon or even beyond it can and if its speed is reduced even a little, the spacecraft can miss the moon’s orbit.

It is also important to know that when any spacecraft is launched, every single thing of that spacecraft is checked on the ground and all the tests are carried out by taking it to a short distance from the earth.

Now, there is no data on any spacecraft agency, whenever the spacecraft reaches the moon’s orbit, what difficulties it will face or what kind of effect the moon’s gravity will show on the spacecraft. Whenever a space agency decides to send any spacecraft to the moon.

So at that time they have to do many calculations so that the spacecraft can enter the orbit of the moon without difficulty. If the spacecraft’s speed is increased even a little, it will miss the moon’s orbit; if its speed is gradually reduced, it will crash into the moon.


And the direction of the spacecraft should also be considered, if there is a difference in its direction, it will collide with the moon and crash. So considering all this, the entire Luna team has been working on this mission for a long time, monitoring everything on Luna 25 to control (more or less) the speed and direction of Luna 25 at the right time can be done and Luna 25 will be right on the moon.

Experienced scientists of Russia have also proved to be very helpful in this. Indeed, Russia has not done any mission to the moon. But we cannot forget that Russia sent the first spacecraft to the moon.

Yes, Russia had landed its first spacecraft on the moon on January 2, 1959, which means that Russia had accomplished its feat ten years before America’s spacecraft. Now we cannot say that this mission is a new mission for Russia, but yes, this mission is very important because Russia has once again entered the space race, this is happening because of America and China.

Retardation Mission Phase

Coming to a certain point, your spacecraft has to reduce its speed, this phase is called Retardation Mission Phase. Luna 25 will then orbit the moon five to seven days later and finally attempt to land on the moon on August 21 or 23.

When you talk about the gravitational field of the moon, we first need to understand what gravity actually is. So let me tell you that all the objects Stars, Planets, Galaxies, Black Holes and all the other objects in our universe have their own gravity and everyone pulls something or the other towards them. Like the sun to the earth and the earth to the moon. Let me give you another example.

Why Our Weight is low on Moon


The gravity of our earth is 6 times more than the gravity of the moon. When we are standing on the ground, there is gravity on us equal to our mass, which is why we have a weight.

But when we go to the moon, because the gravity on the moon is less, due to which the moon pulls us with less power, this is the reason that our weight also becomes less after going to the moon.

That is as much as we weigh on earth, after going to the moon, our weight becomes 1.6. For example, if my weight is 84 kg then when I go to the moon my weight will be 14 kg that is without dieting I will lose that much weight. Now don’t tell me why you are telling us all this. Just a moment.


How to Land Luna 25 On Moon


When Luna 25 was entering the gravitational field of the moon, what was the effect of the moon’s gravity on it at that time? All these calculations were already done by Russian scientists. Because there is no room for any kind of error here.

Luna 25 will land on the surface of the Moon on August 21 or 23. Luna 25’s lander will begin landing at an altitude of 18 km above the surface of the Moon.

After lowering the altitude by about 15 km its lander will begin a slow landing from an altitude of 3 km. From an altitude of seven meters Luna 25’s clusters will rapidly turn on to reduce its speed. At a height of 20 meters, its engines will slow down so that it can land successfully.



Luna 25 where Land On Moon?


Luna 25 is about to land on the spook crater at the moon’s south pole.

Spook crater

It has a range of 15 to 30 km to land it. Lunar 25 will work on the moon for one year, its landing weight is 1.8 tons it has a scientific alarm of 130 grams, it also has an alarm that will dig into the surface of the moon and collect samples. In order to discover the Frozen Warder.


This Mission Effect on India Mission


This mission has put India in a big problem. This mission belonged to India which is India’s mission Chandrayaan 3. This spacecraft will land on the moon on August 23 while Russia’s Luna 23 spacecraft will most probably land on the surface of the moon on August 21 will land on Due to which India fears that their mission may not fail.

Because India’s mission was to land on the dark side of the moon first, but now India is going to land on the dark side of the moon. This Luna 25 is much more advanced than India’s Chandrayaan 3. This spacecraft will operate for one year while Chandrayaan 3 will operate for 14 days. Luna 25 is about to shake up the world by discovering water on the moon and more.







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