Finally Chandrayaan 3 Land and Why Luna 25 Spacecraft Crashed

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The main reason why Luna 25 crashed was due to Chandrayaan 3 and ISRO’s plan. For this reason, Russian scientists were well aware of which plan would be used to land on the moon yet they ignored it. Although they sent this mission to the moon quickly.


Lunar 25 Condition Not Apply


You should know that Luna 25 had neither the power nor the technology to cope with this condition, which is the main reason for the crash. That condition was to change the plan given the circumstances and this power was not possessed by Russia’s Luna 25.

Luna 25

While on the other hand Chandrayan 3 has this power. I have mentioned in my previous articles that Chandrayaan 3 will start landing from an altitude of 30 km from the surface of the Moon while Luna 25 was to land from an altitude of 18 km from the surface of the Moon. There was a big difference in the missions of the two. There can be many reasons for this.




The first reason could be that Russia wanted Lunar 25 to make history by being the first to land on the dark side of the moon.

Human on Moon

It was also because NASA sent humans to the moon and sent many missions to the moon. But he never went to the dark side of the moon. Therefore, Russia wanted to take this record by landing on the dark side of the moon before now. Therefore, Russia wanted to land on the moon on August 21 before India, so they decided to land at a height of 18 km above the surface of the moon. Landing from an altitude of 18 km is a huge task.

The reason for this is simple, the closer an object is to the surface of the moon, the faster the moon’s gravity will pull the object towards it. And if an object is further away from the surface of the moon, the gravity of the moon will pull the object towards it more slowly.

In this sense, Russia was taking a lot of risk because at such an altitude, the speed of the Russian spacecraft Luna 25 was 6000 km per hour, its speed had to be reduced to a speed of less than one meter per second. The task was too difficult and Russia did not even care.

If you reduce the speed of the spacecraft at a sufficient distance from the surface of the moon, it will slow down and land on the surface of the moon. The speed should not be low. Due to which it collides with the surface of the moon at a high speed.

That is why it is being said that their plan to land closely was not right at all. ISRO knew the importance of this very well, they knew how to land on the lunar surface because they learned it all from Chandrayaan 2. So ISRO is making Chandrayaan 3 land its lander from an altitude of 40 km.

Chandrayaan 3 landing

So that the speed of the spacecraft can be reduced easily. From a distance of 30 km the spacecraft will have a good view of the surface of the moon, which will allow it to choose a good spot. If a spacecraft lands at a short distance, the spacecraft cannot scan the landing site well because the time is too short. But Russian scientists did not understand this.


Cunning of Chandrayaan 3


The special thing about Chandrayaan 3 was that even if his choose place was wrong at the last moment, he could immediately change his position and scan another place and land there.

But the Luna 25 had no such technology. If its landing is set once, the lander will also land at the same place and will not be able to change its place at the end point in case of any error. But Lunar 25 crashed before landing because it had deviated from its trajectory. And it didn’t have any technology to bring it back to its trajectory, which caused it to fall down and crash. After its crash, ISRO revealed some secrets.



How will Chandrayaan 3 land?


ESRO said it was about to land. The ISRO team said that the first ray from the sun will hit the surface of the moon on August 23 from an altitude of 45 km and will begin its last 18 minutes of landing. In these last eighteen minutes it will be known whether Chandrayaan 3 will be able to land on the surface of the moon or not. These 18 minutes will start on August 23 at 6:14 PM India and will land on the surface of each moon at 6:29 PM.

Now read carefully when it will be 25 km above the surface of the moon on August 23. And there the place where it has to landChandrayaan 3 on Moon

This place will be at a distance of 7 km from the spacecraft. Manualover will be done when the first ray of the sun hits, at which time its speed will be 1.6 km/s i.e. 1 mile/s. Then its speed will be reduced gradually. At the same time, the legs of its lander will be directed towards the surface of the moon.

Within ten minutes it will be 7 km from the surface of the moon and it will be 50 km away from its location. That means he covered 650 km in 10 minutes.


Breaking Phase


Now comes the breaking phase, during which the height of Chandrayaan 3 will decrease from 25 km to 7 km. And the distance will be reduced from 700 km to 50 km. In this 10 seconds the cameras will start firing.

Chandrayaan 3 on Moon

And at the same time, he will start taking pictures of the surface of the moon. But at this time the Chandrayaan 3 lander will not be under the control of ISRO. But the AI ​​function in them will start understanding these pictures by itself, then the AI ​​technology will study these pictures and choose the flat area of ​​the moon where the lander of Chandrayaan 3 is to be landed. After that the lander will start to land slowly. When it comes from 7 km height to 5 km height, then the Fine Breaking Phase of Chandrayaan 3 will start.


Fine Breaking Phase


Here, Chandrayaan 3 will take many pictures of the lunar surface and the computer will check the pictures to see if it is landing in the right place or not. This phase will run up to a height of 150 meters. At this point every Chandrayaan 3 would have slowed down considerably.

In a way, it will hang in the air, meaning it will neither go forward nor go backward, neither will it go up nor will it go down. It will stop completely in the air and it will start taking pictures again. The computer will check again to see if there is a pit, and if it finds the right spot, it will descend. If something goes wrong there, it will change its position and take pictures of another place.

It has to move approximately 150 meters back and forth to change its position. At that time the remaining fuel in Chandrayaan 3 will come in handy. And the computer will manually overwrite that it doesn’t even see this place.

Then it will find the location from front and back. This is the secret that Russia missed and due to wrong plaining, Russia’s Luna 25 crashed. As per ESRO’s plan, it seems that this spacecraft will easily land on the surface of the moon. It will be a huge success for India.





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