Biggest New Update Chandrayaan 3 Mission in Trouble

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Just yesterday there was news that Chandrayaan 3 had slowed down and as you know the Luna 25 mission was a complete failure. The scientists of ESRA have also been alerted due to which the landing speed of Chandrayaan 3 has been reduced.

Because Lunar 25 is said to have collided with an object and crashed, nothing more is known about it. Before the crash it was said to have gone out of orbit its engine was not working and then it crashed into the moon. There is currently no guarantee that Lunar 25 hit the surface of the Moon or that it hit an object.


Why Chandrayaan 3 in Trouble


Chandrayaan 3

Know one thing that we send many satellites into space and many of these satellites get damaged and keep moving in space and keep colliding with each other.

Similarly, we send many spacecraft to the moon and leave their useless pieces in the space around the moon. Due to which many useless pieces keep moving around the moon. One of these fragments collided with Lunar 25 and crashed it.

On the other hand ESRA scientists and Indian scientists are also at risk of a collision with Chandrayaan 3. For this reason, an alert has been issued at this time. If something like this happened to Luna 25 it can happen to Chandrayaan 3 as well. But at this time Chandrayaan 3 has entered the final stages of its mission.


Chandrayaan 3 is Safe Now


Currently Chandrayaan 3 is orbiting in an orbit of 326 km. And it will land on the lunar surface on August 23 at 5:45 PM. There are many teprees of space ranging from 100 km altitude to 25 km altitude including the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter which crashed in 2019.

Chandrayaan 3 trouble

NASA had sent four missions in the same area, there is also debris from old missions here. A Japanese satellite also went to the moon, its debris is also present here. For now Chandrayaan 3 is completely safe. Because of this Chandrayaan 3 can also crash by hitting something. But from my point of view I think this mission will land successfully on the moon.


Chandrayaan 3 Send Alarm


Keeping these things in mind Chandrayaan 3 is orbiting the moon. It sent an alarm to study the situation in the area from 100 km altitude to 25 km altitude. Which can find out which spacecraft and orbiters are in this area and how much debris is there. This data was seen by the whole world so that any country sending its spacecraft to the moon would know the teprees first.


Chandrayaan 3 Landing Time Increase?


In view of all this, the reversal has been issued and the landing time of Chandrayaan 3 has also been extended. The landing which was supposed to take place at 5:45 PM will now take place at 6:40 PM. It is also being said that its landing time may increase further.

This time will be final on the same day when Chandrayaan 3 will land on the moon and all the information will be revealed on the same day. The matter is very sensitive where Chandrayaan 3 is now. Everything has to be operated very carefully there. Each moon’s orbit has to be monitored. At a certain point any spacecraft has to decelerate. And at a certain point any spacecraft has to accelerate. Even a small mistake can make the mission fail.


Last 15 Minutes Before Landing


The 15 minutes before Chandrayaan 3’s landing will be very important because the last 15 minutes will tell whether the mission is a success or a failure. In these four years  the scientists who made Chandrayaan-3 did the most preparation for the last 15 minutes of landing and the scientists have also told when these last 15 minutes will start.

So far it is being told that Chandrayaan 3 will land on August 23 at 6:04 PM but it is not yet final whether it will land at the same time or not, we will know on August 23. Since the failure of Russia’s Luna 25 mission ESRA has also been confused. Just think for yourself that Russia is not a small country but Russia is a powerful country and it had added all kinds of facilities to Luna 25. However, this mission failed. Now ESRA is facing the same threat.


Chandrayaan 3 Mission Plan


But Chandrayaan 3 has fulfilled the plan that Chandrayaan 3 had made for its mission and is observing all the activities on the moon. He did not miss a single point of his plan. It is hoped that this mission will be successful. It completed five orbits of the Earth and entered the orbit of the Moon and then completed five orbits of the Moon.

300 km away from the moon, the spacecraft detonated successfully. From which its lander module separated and entered within 100 km of the lunar surface. He performed all these tasks very well. Since Chandrayaan-3 is more advanced than Chandrayaan-2 and also ESRA has experience this time it is hoped that Chandrayaan-3 will be successfully landed on the surface of the moon.

But the 15 minutes before landing will be very important. Because in the last 15 minutes major advanced technology fails.

Now this spacecraft is moving towards an altitude of 30 km any time it will enter an altitude of 30 km. With this the final 15 minutes of this spacecraft will begin. From here the real game will start going from a height of 30 km to a height of 4 km.

So all its engines will be turned on. Each engine must be turned on very carefully at a particular point. With a small mistake, if the engine is turned on at the wrong time, the spacecraft will go astray.

After that when the spacecraft reaches an altitude of five kilometers the terrain relative navigation system will be turned on. From which the place where the spacecraft will be landed will be seen at that time its speed will be 300 km per hour. Meanwhile, this spacecraft will take ten minutes to travel from 20 km to 5 km.


Landed Strategy


Now the last five minutes are left then it will be 5 km to 400 meters then its feet will be straightened on the surface of the moon. So that he can land comfortably. From a height of 500 meters it will scan the area where it is to land and collect the data.

After collecting all the information its sensors will decide on its own how much speed to keep and whether the place to land the spacecraft is safe or not. Because the ESRA team will not be in contact with the spacecraft during this time.Because they don’t have as powerful a network as NASA abd China.

That’s why you won’t be able to see its live video if India sends a command at that time, it will go after some time and the signal will be very weak. Because this spacecraft will land on the dark side of the moon which is on the other side of the earth. If anything goes wrong at that time, India will not know then Chandrayaan 3 will be a complete failure.

This news is alarming because anything can happen at that time, it will be equipped with sensors that are taught by machine language how much speed to maintain and how to land. From an altitude of 400 meters, the cameras will take pictures of the surface intermittently. By which Chandrayaan 3 will select its location and gradually decrease its speed and it will easily land on the moon.

Chandrayaan 3 trouble

The last five minutes are crucial and that’s where things go wrong. That’s why the last 15 minutes are very important, 10 minutes of which are in the hands of the team and the remaining five minutes are not in the hands of the team. No one can do anything in these five minutes because at that time the sensors are controlling the craft. This time Chandrayaan’s legs are bigger than before. Even if the spacecraft gets a little shock, nothing will happen will land from.

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