What Scientist Found At The Edge of the Universe

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About 13.8 billion years ago, this is the universe in which our Earth and our Solar System were formed by a big bang. Today we are stuck right in the middle of this universe. What is showing us the edge of the universe is it like a horizon that looks like an ocean or is it really the edge of the universe.



What the Edge of The Universe!


edge of the universe


Is there an edge of the universe! Everything that exists in our universe does not exist outside of it. Whatever is inside means there is no edge of the universe.


In the year 1915, Albert Einstein presented a revolutionary theory called general theory of relativity. This theory applies to the entire universe and about edge of the universe. This meant that if mass creates gravity and gravity creates motion, then due to so many filled objects, some activity must be taking place, meaning expansion and contraction. The question was what. The answer came in 1929 when American astronomer Edwin Hubble noticed that several galaxies were moving away from each other.


As they went away, many people believed that something must have happened in the past with a force that caused all this to happen, like the Big Bang. But we also have two theories that refute the big bang.


The first is the dark energy that is responsible for the Repulsive Force.

The second cosmological principle. Which says that every object in the universe is more or less, equally distributed.


Now you are saying that invisible dark energy is pushing stars and galaxies away from each other, so in such a situation we don’t need Big Bang theory. If you still say like me that the Big Bang happened. Then you will see an image called Cosmic Microwave Background.


Cosmic Microwave Background of our Universe


Why does the universe look (How our edge of the universe) equally distributed and dense in this picture? Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose the explosion happened behind you and you are flying forward, then why the light of the explosion is visible behind as well as ahead.


If in the same way the Cosmic Microwave Background represents the heat of the beginning of our universe, then it is expanding at a faster speed than the speed of light. It may be that there is not one but many big bangs, due to which this heat energy would not have been distributed, how much lie is behind it and how much is the truth, this same situation is like a black hole. We know that black holes exist in the universe only from waves. How much mass is there in them, how much gravity is there, all this is theoretically proven, but in reality we are not aware of them.


All these questions point to the fact that our universe is not the result of one but multiple big bangs or our universe did not begin with a big bang. This clearly means that our universe has no edge of the universe.


Universe Comparison with edge of universe


From the Cosmic Microwave Background it became clear that our universe is flat. We just discussed that the expansion of light is faster than the speed of light without any dance and distribution.

This clearly means that even if you walk in this universe as much as you want, this journey of the universe will never end because there is no edge of the universe.

Universe is Flat or Spherical!


When you travel from Pakistan or India to America, you go from one part of the earth to another, that is, from top to bottom or from bottom to top, we call it spherical shape. It is in spherical shape and we call it flare!


It’s just common sense here that we have been considering the earth as flat since the beginning because our size is very small compared to our earth, due to which our eyes are deceived, similarly our universe is compared to our earth. It is several billion million trillion quadrillion times larger, due to which our universe appears flat to us, or in other words, our eyes are being deceived.


If our universe is in a circle, even then it would be foolish to estimate its edge, because if the universe with a curved circle expands, then its spheres will go ahead and connect to each other by making 360 circles, which means that during There will be no edge. Because you will see the cosmic horizon just like the horizon of the ocean, that is, is that horizon the edge of that ocean? This is exactly how our universe is.


The Cosmological Constant


In the year 1970, Albert Einstein, while formulating his General Relativity Field Equation, added a physical constant for the effect of gravity, which was called The Cosmological Constant. This was added because at that time many people believed that our universe does not move, so there should be some physical content. But after Hubble’s theory, Albert Einstein removed his own theory. Now everything was going well but suddenly in the year 1998 a new discovery came.


New discovery


In that new discovery, it came out that our universe is not only expanding, but with increasing distance, it is accelerating even more.


This means that there is something in the universe that works against gravity and exists in greater amounts. Yes, that is dark energy. Dark energy is also called vacuum energy. It means that Albert Einstein’s theory of 1930 was correct. There was another problem here. Many astronomers said that why did the big bang happen? Why didn’t the big bounce happen? Is this the Big Bounce?


Big Bounce


According to this theory, our universe is a part of this spherical source or hyperspace full of dark energy, in which the dark energy pushing outwards creates many bubbles on the surface in the form of universes. By pushing some amount of dark energy in these universes, it cools down and expels the rest of the energy to the outside. And when a universe expands beyond its limit, it eventually has two outcomes.


First, it either shrinks and bounces back on itself.

Second, it either explodes completely.


The result of both is exactly the same and there is always tension at the edges of these bubble universes formed on spherical hyperspace filled with dark energy. Due to this tension, the new universe comes into form.

But dark energy is a problem, it is constant in the universe, so how it keeps pushing in an expanding universe and there is no edge of the universe, researches are still going on.

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