2 Black holes Collide while in the Grip of s 3rd Black Hole

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Black Hole is the strangest object in our universe. But we know that black holes really exist, but we also know that supermassive black holes exist in the middle of every galaxy. Sometimes black holes also collide with each other due to these collisions, these two black holes merge and turn into a super massive black hole.


2 Black Holes Collision.


When two black holes collide, their collision creates a new super massive black hole and due to their collision, immense energy is released. This would be as much energy as the Sun has released so far, meaning ten thousand times more energy than the Sun has released in ten billion years when two black holes collide. But the problem here is that when they collide, in one second they release energy ten thousand times more than the life time energy of the sun. That energy is not detected in visible light because it goes into gravitational waves.

Two Black Holes Collide

When two black holes collide, energy will be released. If we install a gravitational wave detector on earth at that time, we will be able to detect the gravitational wave. The interesting thing is that these detectors detect the variation of each proton with a thousand times less precision.


Black Hole Merger Gravitational Wave Detect


According to Astronomers, the signal of black hole merger has also been detected in optical light or visible light. As of 21 May 2019, there are 3 different gravitational wave detectors on Earth. He saw definite signal of gravitational wave that two black holes are merging. The size of these black holes was large. From where that signal came, scientists started scanning that place to find a signal. Astronomers were looking at a black hole, a supermassive black hole.

Black Hole

This supermassive black hole exists at the center of every galaxy. There is also a supermassive black hole in the middle of our own galaxy. The black hole in our galaxy is not that big, its size is 400 million times the mass of our sun. The supermassive black hole of our galaxy is silent, no material is falling into it. As I told you above, astronomers were looking at a black hole that existed in a black active galaxy.


Astronomers studied this active galaxy and found that this galaxy is 4 billion light years away from us and its black hole is quite large. Astronomers saw a flyer up in this black hole due to which the galaxy became bright and it remained bright for forty days.


Now here the scientists started to make various calculations that what could have happened due to which this galaxy became bright, what could be the thing that went into the black hole due to which the galaxy became bright, but later all these calculations were ruled out. Astronomers now believe that there is a disk region in it. There are more black holes in this region disk.

Region Disk Black Holes

Some of the black holes grew in size and two black holes with a combined mass of about 150 times the mass of our Sun collided. When they collided, we detected their gravitational wave in 2019 due to these collisions.


 Here comes a question about how this flyer happened! 


When the black holes are rotating or there is a small black hole and a large black hole when they merge, they have a recoil due to which the black hole accelerates and starts moving in the same direction. .


The speed of this merger was recorded to be about 200 kilometers per second, or 7 million kilometers per hour if measured in hours. Because of which he lightened himself up and became faster. But his shock wave light took about 34 days to escape because there was so much density in this flyer region that even the light that was there could not escape.


Now why light of black hole disappear!


Now your question will be why its light has disappeared because the black hole is still moving.


Astronomers believe that it was the recoil that was kicking it and it was actually a black hole perpendicular to the disk and after 30-40 days it came out of the disk.

Now there was no material to heat up its shockwave and then detect it.


There is a big prediction that this black hole that has come out of this disk is due to gravity. The prediction is that by December this black hole will pass through the disk again, allowing us to see that light again.


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