The Biggest Explosion in the Universe – Ophiuchus Cluster

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In early 2022, astronomers observed or discovered the biggest explosion (Ophiuchus Cluster) in the universe. Now it’s not suddenly discovered or seen because it’s something that if you’re looking for a crater on Earth and you see a huge crater, you’re going to say it’s a large asteroid. or comet made which hit the earth in the past and it was a huge size crater.


How Astronomers Found Explosions (Ophiuchus Cluster)


Ophiuchus Cluster

This story is actually cluster of galaxy. Now you are looking at the image above, this is the image of the cluster and it is the largest part of our universe. You can estimate from here that there are about two hundred to three hundred billion stars in each galaxy, similarly there are several thousand or even millions of galaxies in a cluster. A few years ago, astronomers noted that there is an Ophiuchus Cluster that is 390 million light years away from us.

Virgo Cluster

Now here you have this idea that it is far away from us and its light takes billion of years to reach us but astronomers call it nearby cluster from us. Most of the mass in this cluster is dark matter. If you want to do more research on dark matter, you can click here. The little remaining matter is either in the stars or in gas that is extremely hot and this gas has been seen by X-rays. Astronomers see this gas in x-ray clusters.

Some time ago, astronomers noted that a Chandra X-ray telescope looked over the Ophiuchus Cluster and noticed a hole or cavity just above it, as you can see in the image below.

Cavity in Biggest Explosion

Now this hole or cavity is a cavity one million light year across. You can also estimate that 8-10 galaxies like Milky Way or Andromeda Galaxy can easily fit in this cavity. And for that kind of hole, you need the energy of about a billion supernovas and supernovas in this universe of huge explosions. Now the question is what produced this huge energy.

In the last days of February 2020, a paper was published in which the answer to this matter was found. In fact, the Ophiuchus Cluster has a massive galaxy in the middle, and every cluster has a massive galaxy in the middle. Now there is a supermassive black hole at the center of the Ophiuchus Cluster. Astronomers call this type of black hole a supermassive black hole.

The black hole at the center of the Ophiuchus Cluster has billions of times the mass of our Sun. The idea is that a lot of material kept falling on top of this black hole, as this material kept falling on the black hole, a disk was formed and jacks were formed on both sides of the disk and those jacks continued to produce infinite energy. 270 million times the mass of the sun fell on top of this black hole.

Over Hundreds of Million Years Jecks continued to produce energy due to which this hole was created. Now how did they know that this hole or cavity was formed by the jecks of this black hole. Now the paper that was published not only looked at X-ray observations but also used two radio telescopes. When these scopes looked inside this cavity or hole, they were traveling at the electron speed of light as you can see in the image below.

Electrons of Ophiuchus Cluster

Electrons of this type are formed due to the jacks of supermassive black holes and this radio wave completely fills this hole or cavity, so we know that this cavity was produced due to this supermassive black hole.

Now the question is, why is this supermassive black hole between the Ophiuchus Cluster not visible today?

Here, astronomers also noted another thing that some gases are some light years away from this black hole, so those gases will also fall on top of this black hole will become active and produce jecks again.

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