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Earth Picture seen from Space


How our earth looks from space Well ever since the creation of this world, it has been thought and even dreams can tell us how our earth pictures looks from space. Is it the same as we see in the videos and pictures on the internet or is it very different when the astronauts’ mission was to go to the moon, they took some pictures of the earth with the help of Apollo 8 and what a memorable picture it was.

Today you will also get to see. But when William Shatner went into space, he saw the earth and when he came back he published his book and in that book he wrote emotionally about our earth. It is a great message for you guys to read this entire article till the end.


How did earth really become a planet?


Today, we are very familiar with our earth’s shape we have seen many of earth pictures. We call it blue planet. But one strange thing until 60-70 years before, we did not know how would our earth look from space. This has no connection with flat earth. Some people think. 400-500 years before human thought that the Earth is flat, nothing like it. Man knew that the Earth is round at this myth (flat earth) developed afterwards. We will talk about this some other time.

But talking about the shape of the Earth some people thought that if we see our earth from space eight toward look, mostly green and brown. The greenery and the desert would dominate. Most of the people part of the ocean etc. Would be dark shaded. They will not reflect light match.

Some people thought that the Sun will reflect the ocean waters so much, it will make our earth golden colored. But how will the Earth actually look like we started to know after the dawn of the space age.


Earth Pictures Seen From Orbit Flight or Moon


In the beginning from sub orbital flights (flights not going far from earth), pictures from low orbit flights,

First Image of earth pictures from Space

We came to know somewhat about the Earth horizon. But from Apollo programme, for first time, we got a chance to take a picture of the Earth from some distance.

Apollo Program

Regarding this, if you want to see more or read more, there is a terrific book “Earthrise how many first saw the earth”.


How Human Take a Picture from Space


On 24 December 1968 for the first time human eyes fully saw the Earth from space. This is amazing that we can pinpoint when did humans first see the full earth and the good thing is, took its picture also after seeing it, which became a very famous picture.

This picture is called “EARTHRISE

This was taken by Apollo 8 astronauts. It has a fascinating story. Apollo 8 mission which did not land on the moon but was the first mission to take man on the Moon orbit and then they came back.


Can Tortoises see the Earth from space


The story is fascinating, because presumably the Soviet Union (who was a part of the space race in those days) was very soon going to send man. Because in September 1968, the Soviet Union had sent two tortoises on moon’s orbit and then they came back. I do not know whether these tortoises saw the earth from there or not otherwise, we could say that for the first time any specie saw the moon fully these were those tortoises.

But about the humans we know that for the first time they saw this earth on 24 December 1968.


Real Mission of Apollo 8


There were three astronauts in Apollo 8 who were orbiting the moon, and their main mission was to map the surface of the moon to find out the proper landing side of Apollo 11 (which was to come in future), a good place for landing of Apollo 11.

In a sense their full focus was on the moon. In fact, in the first three orbits, they did not even notice the earth. There are two reasons for it.

Apollo 8 Capsule

The windows of Apollo 8 were small and a couple of them were also foggy

And the second reason, the way they were orbiting the moon, and the orientation of the ship was such that the earth was behind them.

But in the fourth orbit the orientation of the spacecraft changed, and the next time the Earth was visible into the front. Now you can see the video how our earth was visible into the front.

Imagine that what the feeling of these astronauts they saw the earth rising (in a sense) for the first time from behind the moon. Actually, they could see it from behind because of their orbit.

What you are saying now is a recreation with new data. The pictures with the cameras of those time, but no doubt good (Rather astronauts took color photo also) but now we have better picture with us, so this is a re-creation of Apollo 8 mission, how did Arthur would actually be looking to these astronomers through their eyes.

One significant thing about which the three astronauts have talked many times is they were not seeing many colors there because the moon was grey and after that dark space and in that the blue world appeared. In a sense because of this, the contrast of blue with grey or dark, was very striking.

One astronomers of Apollo 8 Bill Anders said We had spend all our time on earth training, about how to study how to go to the Moon it was very lunar oriented that is all its focus was on the moon and yet when I looked up and saw the Earth coming up on this very Stark, beat up lunar horizon and that was the only color that we could see, a very fragile looking Earth, a very delicate looking Earth, and I was immediately almost welcome by the part that here we came all this way to the moon, and yet the most significant thing we are seeing is our own home planet the Earth.

This was the main thing that when they saw the Earth, although their emphasis was on seeing the moon to find out some stunning thing on the moon but this picture of the Earth in a sense drew all the focus towards itself (picture) and its fragility and delicacy was also seen by them.


24 Men have seen the full earth


Now think of another thing up till now only 24 men have seen the full Earth. They are the ones who either landed on the moon or came back after orbiting the moon.

24 men have seen the full Earth

But all these 24 are male, are white and belong to only one country.

In a sense a diverse perspective, or a different perspective is missing to some extent. But it is hoped more people will start going there and in a way our different reflections about our earth may began to change.


Full Earth Picture From Space


The most famous picture is of the last Apollo mission. This Apollo17, 50 years before, in fact, this picture

Full Picture of Earth
Was taken 7 December 1972 meaning, almost 50 years before it (Apollo) took this picture of the Earth.

This was a deliberate picture at that time it was not an accidental picture rather we knew that taking a picture of the Earth is a great achievement of the Apollo programme. This picture is called “Blue Marble” and is the most reproduced picture. It means that you will find this picture in the largest number on this earth.


And there is another picture good thing about this picture. Instead of America or Soviet Union being at the center in its center is Africa. Africa is in a way cradle of humans, because humans originate from the continent of Africa. When you see the earth from space in this way (when the full earth is visible to you) the first thing is you do not see any borders there. It does not matter if it is America or Russia or Pakistan or India or Turkey or Greece. This looks one earth to you.

It was the same perspective when Voyager spacecraft took a picture of the Earth far from Neptune.

Blue World
That looked like a dot which Carl Sagan later popularized as ‘Pale Blue Dot’.

One perspective of this is no borders can be seen on Earth but if you see the picture, earth-size and blue marble, off this app you will see another perspective in it, which is, how delicate is our earth. How thin is the atmosphere around it because of which life can thrive or survive in it on the surface of earth. In a way our earth is a spaceship which is floating in this dark space. The pictures of Apollo made our earth a planet, or made our earth a spaceship.

Now, the full focus of the Apollo programme was on going to the moon and on the moon but the pictures of the Earth, ultimately proved more powerful. Some people think the cost of the full Apollo programme, (this was a very expensive programme), can be justified because of the taking of these pictures.

Now the perspective I am talking about, not a distance of borders and the visibility of the fragility or delicacy of the Earth has given a name “The overview effect”.

An author named Frank White has interviewed many astronauts of Apollo and others who went on lower orbits. He observed that those astronauts who have seen the Earth from space many become very much impressed by this or are already impressed. That’s why he said it changes our perspective, then you see the earth Fully from a distance, but he also said that people on Earth, who have not gone into space (I have not gone and many of you have also not gone into Space) and appreciate this perspective here name them “terranauts”.

Terranauts are those people who say it is very necessary to appreciate this global cosmic perspective, is that not only in the Earth, a very small place rather the life on this earth is very fragile and very delicate. I hope some among you will get a chance to go into space and become astronauts. But more hope is that all the people who are reading this article appreciate this perspective and become terranauts at least.


What Said William Shatner When he saw the Earth


Some among you must have heard the name of William Shatner. He is famous by the name Captain kirk, role, he played in the original star trek series. In 2021 William Shatner, for the first time actually got an opportunity to go into space. At the age of 90 he went about hundred kilometer into space in a rocket of ‘Blue Origin’ a company Jeff Bezos, and then came back.

After that, his pictures were showing happiness, because he actually got a chance to see the earth from above, but recently he has written in his book he felt very happy when he went into space, but when he saw the Earth from above instead of being some happy moment, it seems like a funeral.

He shared many pictures you can see when he went into space


and what were is thoughts about the Earth after that Now  in the book launched recently he wrote,

It was among the strongest, feeling of grief, I have ever encountered. The contrast between the vicious coldness of space and the warm nurturing of Earth below filled me with overwhelming sadness.

Every day we are confronted with the knowledge of further destruction of earth at our hands, the extinction of animals, species of flora, and fauna, thing that took 5 billion years to evolve, and suddenly we will never see them again because of the indifference of mankind. It filled me with dread. My trip to space was supposed to be a celebration instead it felt like a funeral.

This is the main thing that because of the actions of humans many species are becoming extinct, lots of climate change is there. It is necessary to take care of our planet.

William Shatner is saying this thing, the lives on our earth are the result of 4 and half, 5 billion years of evolution and the actions of humans (who are also a part of this evolution) are ending many species. Because of this William Shatner wars grieved and seeing the Earth from space, gave him the feeling of a funeral.

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