What would happen If oxygen disappeared for 5 seconds

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How long can you hold your breath half a minute or a minute what a big deal. Have you ever thought that oxygen disappears from this earth for just 5 seconds and gets eliminate. You must have seen many videos on YouTube on this topic. Today in this article we will clear myth and reality. You must be thinking, what is the big deal, if you have to hold your breath for 5 seconds without oxygen then I will stop it, dear it is not like that. If the oxygen disappears for 5 seconds, in those 5 seconds your life will be affected in ways you never imagined. This blog is about what happens when oxygen disappears from the earth for 5 seconds. I request you all to read this article from start to end because it has a very good message for all of you. And yes, there is oxygen right now, if you are alive, read the whole thing, what is the hurry? Friends, jokes will continue in this article, so don’t take it seriously.

No Oxygen for 5 Seconds

You must have heard that if oxygen disappears for 5 seconds, everything made of concrete in the world will turn to sand, all the big houses and all the big buildings will collapse in the blink of an eye, because oxygen is that holds the cement, gravel and bricks together.

However, when an experiment was conducted when all the oxygen around the cement block was removed, it didn’t convert to sand. So maybe this thing is a myth and you are saving a house to save your life, to hide your head that means stay in the house of the whole world, go wherever you want and save your life – then you will think ok, we will enter our house like a rat for 5 seconds and hold our breath. If you’re thinking it’s easy or normal, So Dears, it’s not easy because resurrection is coming.

More than half people will become deaf

More than half of people will become deaf after 5 seconds of oxygen deprivation. You may lose your eardrums. Now you may thinking what oxygen has link to do with our ears. So brother, this is a deep relationship. See, our ear drum needs oxygen to make any sound – because oxygen creates air pressure. If the Earth loses oxygen for just 5 seconds, the air pressure will be so low that very few or all people will have permanent hearing loss – that is, without air pressure, your ear drum will burst. If the oxygen is gone after 5 seconds, you will still be deaf. Because your eardrums have ruptured.

Without oxygen our skin will burn under 5 seconds

Without oxygen, people’s skin will burn within 5 seconds because the sun’s dangerous radiation will reach our earth directly.

These dangerous waves can’t reach us directly because the ozone layer around our earth blocks it to control it. As oxygen disappears for 5 seconds, the ozone layer will also disappear from our earth because this layer of ozone is made up of oxygen, due to which this layer will also disappear without oxygen. After that we will also burn to death due to a dangerous sun and dangerous layers. Even though we are sending satellites and rockets into the space, holes are being made in it. In 5 seconds, such a dangerous radiation will come on our earth that no one can survive it. This will cause people to get skin cancer and those whose skin is more sensitive will burn their skin – because there will be no oxygen and no ozone layer, so during this time your skin will be damaged by the ultraviolet waves of the sun in such a way that no one will recognize you. Our earth will become tandoor and we will become tandoori chicken. Now you must be thinking, brother, I have my own house, so I will hide in the house. So wait, just be patient, I’m taking you out of your house right now.

Our Earth’s surf depends on 45% oxygen

Your cement house may not collapse from a 5 second absence of oxygen, but the ground beneath your feet will certainly shake because 45% of our earth’s surface is dependent on oxygen. So without oxygen, your solid surface dust will turn into dust, so the house you dream of hiding inside will be buried under the ground, so you will have to leave your house to save your life, and ultraviolet waves will be waiting for you outside.

All Cars are Stop

All vehicles will stop running because the engine needs spark, fire and energy to run. So, dear ones, the fire will burn only when there is oxygen, then all the moving vehicles will stop at once. But what does that matter to you? But you will notice if a helicopter is flying over your head, it’s engine will off and fall directly on top of you. If you are lucky there is no helicopter flying over you, you will die of thirst.

The Water will turn into steam

So you will die of thirst because this child knows that water is made of oxygen and hydrogen together. If you remove the oxygen from it, only hydrogen will be left behind which is the lightest gas in this world. So as the oxygen disappears for 5 seconds. So all the water in this world will be converted into hydrogen and it will become steam and fly into the sky because its volume decreases. So for 5 seconds all your seas, streams, rivers, drains, canals, lakes and whatever water there is will dry up. Even if after 5 seconds oxygen returns, oxygen and hydrogen will not meet again. So, this earth land will be dry in just 5 seconds. Yes Dears, this is where our body, which contains 60% water, means neither nor the oxygen, nor the water, nor will we survive.


You will understand what will happen to us if oxygen disappears for 5 seconds. Between the deveil and the deep sea. Accordingly as a Researcher, This topic was very important. Because it will make you think that you actually want the good of this planet. So away from cutting trees, you must plant at least five trees in your life because you see in 5 seconds your life can end and oxygen is very important for us. I know. No one will care about this article of mine and Bollywood people should make a movie on it. Then the witness will come to some people.

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