A Terrifying Bubble around our Solar System

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In 1970, some astronomers were scanning the space to test it, while astronomers noticed something strange in our Solar System. He noted that there is no matter within or around our solar system thousands of light years away. Instead of matter, they note a huge void in which not a single star has formed in fourteen million years.



We are trapped inside a bubble.


Where a star is born after every 2 light years. But here astronomers note that no stars have formed near our solar system for thousands of years. Here, many astronomers estimated that we are trapped inside a bubble including our solar system and our earth. They named this bubble The Local Bubble. After doing a lot of research, it was found that the life that exists on our earth today exists only because of this bubble.


How Did Bubble Form?


We have come to know in the last 50 years that our solar system and we are surrounded by a bubble, but how did this bubble form?


A bubble in which our solar system


So basically, Center For Astrophysics (CFP) data visualization expert Catherine Zucker took her team and created a 3D map of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, because it is where our solar system is located. You can also see the image above. They enlisted the help of the European Space Agency’s Gaia Space Observatory to complete this task. This observatory is so powerful that it can see and measure even particles that cannot be seen by the eye with 400 times more focus. After all this, Catherine Zucker and her team finally found success.




When Catherine Zucker looked at this 3D data visualization in reverse, it was found that this bubble was formed only fourteen million years ago and it was formed by the formation of some stars. That is to say, where this local bubble is, there were 15 massive stars first, meaning fourteen million years ago, as you can see in the image above.


When these 15 stars reached their ending life one by one, they started to explode one by one. As soon as these fifteen stars exploded, they released so much energy and matter that pushed the interstellar material inside to the outside and obscured our solar system. As hydrogen accumulated at their edges, it became a star forming region.


Star forming region


If seen today, there are 7 star forming regions in this entire star forming region. When this local bubble was studied further, it was found that the bubble in which our solar system is located is not round at the end, it is in the shape of a blob, just like a peanut, which itself is 6.4 km per second. Expanding rapidly.


Our Solar System Inside Bubble!


So much study was done on the basis of which one thing came out that our earth and our entire solar system is in the middle of this bubble. But here a question arises that our earth has been formed for 4.5 billion years but here this bubble was formed only 14 million years ago, so how did it come inside this blob along with the entire solar system and the earth? After fifteen big supernova explosions, how did our solar system survive with their material!


Astronomers have given answers to all the questions that life exists on our earth because of supernovas and because of these explosions there is so much advanced technology on our earth.


The second answer is that our solar system was not inside it, because our sun, that is, our solar system had entered this bubble while orbiting the galaxy. have been.


The second question is that how our earth came and survived even after fifteen supernovas explosion. Because a supernova explosion can destroy any planet in a few minutes, because their cosmic rays are several thousand times more powerful than the cosmic rays coming from our sun, which easily damage our ozone layer and reach the surface of our earth. It can easily destroy the earth. But luckily when these supernova explosions were happening, our earth was not in this bubble at the time of 13 supernova explosions. In the remaining 2 supernova explosions, our earth was 300 light years away from them, due to which their impact on our earth was negligible.


From these supernova explosions, we were only exposed to their dust and particles, which proved to be quite beneficial for us. The last supernova in this bubble occurred 3.5 or 4 million years ago, and it was during this time that the last asteroid hit our Earth. Before this collision, the living things on our earth were slowly disappearing and our earth was becoming barren, but after the impact of this asteroid, greenness came again on our earth.



Bubble also enters into ending life


Our local bubble is also decreasing its expansion rate with time. That means that in the future there is a possibility that the expansion rate of the bubble will stop completely. This process will take several million years by which time our solar system will also come out of this bubble. There are 3 more bubbles in our galaxy, Loop 1, Loop 2, Loop 3. Loop 1 Bubble and Local Bubble are connected to each other through a tunnel, which tunnel is also called Lupus Tunnel. Now the research is going on whether these two bubbles are interconnected with each other or the same one which is divided into two parts.

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