A Missive Solar Storm is Coming – What are the Effects

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Solar Storm: Solar Storm is not at all like normal storms, most of you have heard of hurricanes, rain storms, wind storms. Few people know anything about solar storm. It is a solar layer storm which we also call sun layer. It has been a long time since this layer has come out, this layer has passed through Mercury and Venus, which means that the storm has passed through Mercury and Venus and now it is Earth‘s turn.


Sun Apocalypse


It is true that solar storm 2025 will pass our earth. This will not happen for the first time, this solar storm has passed by our earth in 2014 as well and this solar storm passes by our earth every 11 years, its cycle is 11 years. When it last passed through our Earth in 2014, there was not so much damage, only a few countries had blackouts. But this time the solar storm is going to be more dangerous than the solar storm of 1869.

The last time such a dangerous solar storm occurred was in 1869. At that time he had done a lot of damage. It was so light at 11, 12 at night because of this solar storm that it looked like it was not 11, 12 at night but 11, 12 during the day. This light was the light of sun flare (Aurora) it came to our Equators. At that time all the communication was charged and started working automatically.

Now last time this solar storm came in 2014 before that it came in 2003 similarly every 14 years this solar storm or sun flare passes through our earth and causes a lot of damage to our earth. The last time a solar storm passed through our earth in 2014, there was a blackout in many countries, including our United States. At that time, our own earth used to save us from this solar storm or sun flare because then our earth’s magnetic field was very strong.

Magnetic Field of our Earth

We have weakened our own magnetic field. Every day we are putting a hole in our ozone layer by sending some rocket or satellite into space. Due to which our ozone layer and magnetic field are weakening day by day. Now we have to face the loss in 2025.


Why Sun Flair Recycle: Every 11 years a solar storm comes from the sun because the magnetic field of the sun is flipping and in the same way there is a lot of activity on the sun and due to this solar activity a condition is created which is called Solar Maximum.

Solar Maximum: The Solar Maximum is a period of time during which the Sun experiences peak solar activity and its magnetic fields reaches its strongest and most disorder dynamic point.

Solar Storm

This solar storm belongs to Sun’s flare with a speed of 22 km to 2000 km per second. And this solar storm will pass in front of our Earth in 2025. Before delving into the damage that can be done at that time, it is also important to know that the chances of this solar storm passing by our Earth is only 3%. Because after doing a lot of research, it was found that when this solar storm enters the earth’s orbit, then our earth will have passed through its orbit.

Now I explain clockwise direction. In 2025, when the storm will come, our earth will be at 11 in clockwise direction and at that time solar storm will be at 9 in clockwise direction. This means that our land will have passed through that area for 1-2 months and if there is any damage, it will be very less. If God willing there is any change in the speed of earth or speed of direction or sun flare then this solar storm will hit our earth 100% if it happens then it will have many losses.


Effects of solar storms


Satellites: Satellites are only satellites around our earth and more than 5000 satellites are orbiting our earth. When a solar storm occurs, all these satellites will stop working and some satellites will go out of control and hit our earth (one satellite can easily destroy 2 New York City).

All Satellites around our Earth

If this storm becomes more powerful, then all these satellites will fall on the earth, then it will look like raining fire because when it enters the air friction of the earth, all these satellites will burn like asteroids and come towards the earth.

No Internet and GPS System: Due to this storm our Internet and GPS System will be completely shut down as all satellites will stop working. It will take at least 40 to 50 days to restore internet again.

No More Vehicles: Due to this storm, no bullet train will run, no airplane will fly and no more vehicles will run because all the satellites will fall and the whole earth will be badly destroyed.

No More Electricity: Due to this storm, electricity will be completely shut down or blackout this time will not be for a couple of days but for 1-2 months. Because the current due to this solar storm will be so high that everything that runs on electricity will be destroyed.

Skin Cancer: The most dangerous effect due to this solar storm will be that people will get skin cancer. Now the sunlight that we get, we get without ultraviolet rays due to ozone, but at that time it will be ultraviolet rays itself, which will cause skin cancer.

Note: But don’t worry, its chances are only 3% as told you above.


How to survive this solar storm?


If there is a storm, there are some tips to avoid it, which you can follow.

  • You have to stay inside your house.
  • Do not touch any electronic equipment.
  • Mobile, TV, fridge, motor or laptop should be kept together in one place.
  • All electronics have to be disconnected from power.

NOTE: You can avoid following all these steps. These are all steps according to NASA. On which date in 2025 this storm will come! It is not confirmed yet, but according to some calculations, this storm may come in the month of June 2025.

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