NASA Found 13 Planets like earth – Super Earth

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Two types of planets, one of which looks like Earth, are also Super Earths. And others which look like Earth but they are not called Super Earth. The reason behind them is their gravity and mass, which are super earths, no matter how much gravity or mass they have, humans can survive there. On the other hand, non-super earth humans cannot survive if their gravity is even 1% higher than earth’s gravity.

It is said that there are many more stars in our space than there are grains of sand on this earth. If there are so many stars, how many planets will there be? In so many billions and trillions of planets, there cannot be a single earth on which life exists, among these billions and trillions of planets there will be some planet where life exists.

NASA Found 13 Planets like earth


How are Super-Earths identified?


On October 15, 2020, Dirk Schulze Makuch started one of his missions, he made his target planets that were much better than our earth in all respects. To find earth planets, Dirk Schulze Makuch and his team decided to make a separate observation for which they created a list of criteria.



  • Age of Host Star
  • Water
  • Size and Mass of Planets
  • Temperature

Whichever planet was following this list, it simply means that it is a super earth. Whenever a planetary system is found, the first thing it does is to measure the distance between the planet and the hot star to measure So from this we know whether this planet is in the Habitable Zone or not.

If so, how much water percentage will it contain? So the next criteria after that is the mass and size of this planet because the size of any planet can influence the involvement of life. Because the bigger the size, the more space there is for humans to live and the bigger the mass, the bigger the gravity.

Due to the high gravity of this planet, the planet will pull the air towards it and keep it close to itself, which will make its atmosphere very thick and stable. The next criteria comes from the temperature in which the temperature of these planets can be 5 degrees Celsius above or below the temperature of our earth because the tropical region micro in the middle area of ​​the earth lives in a similar temperature.

Considering all the factors, Dirk Schulze Makuch and his team have found two Super Habitable Planets or Super Earth Planets out of 24 exoplanets whose surface temperature and atmosphere are better than Earth.




There is a planet in our solar system that has better living conditions than Earth. But despite this, no one is noticing this. Callisto is the second largest moon of Jupiter.

The mark you see at the top of the image indicates that there is ice at this location on Callisto. It was called the Deactivate Body of the Solar System. But since the 1990s, it has been proven that there is an ocean beneath its layer of air that is being used to build combustible rockets.

Astronomers have also detected an atmosphere above Callisto. They estimate that if the radiations coming from Jupiter are stopped, humans will be able to breathe easily on this moon of Jupiter.

According to our current understanding, earth is a unique planet in our universe where life exists.

Scientists have found such Habitable Planets or say super earths in the universe which look exactly like our earth and life exists on them.


Luyten B Planet


This planet was observed for the first time in 2017 and it not only has water but also everything that life can easily survive on. For example, Hydrocarbons and Amino Acids are present in large quantities. This super earth is good for human habitation that according to a research, the hand of an Alien is said to be behind its perfection.

Looking at this possibility, scientists have sent several messages in October 2017-2018 by an organization called Matti, in which one message contains the sound of different musical instruments, and the other message contains a scientific tutorial on our location in our universe. One day we will know if intelligent life is possible on Lutyen B or Super Earth 1.


Trappist 1


There is a star 39 light years away that has seven Earth-like planets orbiting its star. Three of these planets are orbiting in the Habitable Zone. Trappist 1 was discovered in 2017. Its planets are older than Earth

Trappist 1 Planets

This planet that looks like our earth is 3 billion years older than our earth. These planets are about the size of our Jupiter. And its star is bigger than our Sun and cooler than the Sun. Let me tell you an amazing thing that this planet is also tidily locked due to which half of its side is cold while the other side is hot.

Between these two sides there will be a space where life exists.


TOI Star System


In this satar system, two planets come in its habitable zone, which are TOI 700 D and TOI 700 E. The mass of these two planets is equal to the mass of our earth.

Among them TOI 700 E orbits its Sun in 28 days while TOI 700 D orbits the Sun in 37 days. If there is an atmosphere like our earth on these two planets, then their temperature will be higher than our earth. Scientists did a research and from this research it was found that many plants have been found on TOI 700 D. If we reach here one day the life forming form will be like our earth.

Is it theoretically possible to have a farm like our Earth on another planet? Well, evolution is something that would make gravity the nature of universal law. That is, the roles that work everywhere in the solar system.


Habitable Planets


The starting point on any alien planet is quite simple. The super habitable planets will be very old and their mass will be much more than our Earth. The temperature will be warmer and the humidity will be higher than the ground. And the stars they will be orbiting are older than our Sun and their lifetimes will also be longer than the lifetime of the Sun.

Our Sun will exist for ten billion years and when it comes to Earth, it took four billion years for complex life forms to form on Earth. There are some stars whose lifetimes are longer than our sun. Due to which they get more time to involve life on planets.


How to Find Alien Life


Now the Question is how to find Alien life First we have to hunt down Red Dwarf. They are much cooler than the rest of the stars, their luminosity is also low and their lifetimes range from 20 to 60 billion years.

If we compare this with Earth, if there is life on the planet orbiting Red Dwarf, then they would have had more time to be adopted than Earth. And its ideological will also be 5.8 billion years, which means that if there is no life on a planet in today’s history, then after millions and millions of years there will be an alien there, at that time the name of humans will be erased, that’s why Alien Life is very difficult or we can say impossible to find out.


KOI Planets


KOI Planets

The name of these two planets is KOI planets. One of them is named KOI 5715.01 and the other is named KOI 5554.01. Both of these are absolutely perfect for the evolution of life, which is why both of them are called super earth.

KOI 5715.01


The surface temperature of this KOI 5715.01 is only 2.3 degrees Celsius lower than the surface temperature of our Earth, but its size is eight times larger than the size of our Earth, due to which there is a lot of space to live here and balance the air. Its g-gravity is also high for holding. Scientists believe that its distance from its star is slightly more than Earth, one can say like Mars, due to which there is a possibility of water.


KOI 5554.01


If we talk about another planet or super earth, its temperature is 26 degrees, which is completely normal for humans to live. But nitrogen continuously moves from the tectonic plates here. Now some people will say that nitrogen will make life form less. So let me tell you, most people think that oxygen is the most important thing on earth, but nitrogen is the most important thing on earth. Even air is 78% nitrogen. Creates ideal station for humans to live.


Teegarden B (Super Earth)


All the planets we have come to know about were called Super Earth because they were bigger than our earth and also very similar.

This Teegarden B is also known as Super Earth.

This Teegarden B or Super Earth is the most earth like planet ever discovered, its atmosphere is like our earth, its surface temperature is bh 28 degree Celsius, the sun of this planet is only 12.4 light years away from our earth. Compared to humans, this distance is very high, but in terms of space, it is very small.




There is a planet called Kepler-452B 1800 light years away from our earth. This planet completes one cycle of its sun in 389 days and its surface temperature is 1.6 degrees. Seeing this, scientists believe that its surface But water exists and some creatures like us must be living here. But its gravity breaks our dream.

Kepler-452B is 60% more massive than our Earth due to which its gravity is very high. Not only that, it is not possible for humans to live on earth in this gravity, but considering its atmosphere identity, flying objects can exist here. If we humans go to these exoplanets, we might not be able to sustain life there because our heart beat will run at double speed due to its extra gravity. Because of this, the risk of heart attack will increase.


Gliese 667 CC


This planet is 28 light years away from our earth, it is in scorpion consolation, it revolves around triple stars, this planet is also tidily locked like Trappisti, one side of it is towards star and the other side is towards darkness. The temperature of the side which is towards the star is so high that a human cannot survive and the temperature of the other side where there is darkness, the temperature of the side is like Antarctica.

Zone Twilight

But the line where these two sides meet is called Zone Twilight. Its temperature is 30 to 80 degrees and there is water here, oxygen for breathing is also there and some animals are also found here. Now the question is whether humans can survive here or not, the answer can be yes or no. If it is for a few days, the answer will be yes, humans can survive here.

But this exoplanet is tidily locked due to its unique orbit, due to which its gravitational energy is converted into thermal energy, due to which the interior of this planet heats up, then the lava becomes active. The temperature goes up to 80 degrees. Due to this reason, it is not possible that humans cannot survive here.


Arcturus A


This planet is 36.72 light years away from our Earth, the brightest star of Bootes Consolation, Arcturus, its brightness is 100 times more than our Sun. It is a gas giant star. We have failed to find any exoplanet in the solar system of Arcturus every time, but according to AI simulation, there was an earth-like planet. Scientists have named it Arcturus.

When Arcturus became a giant star, this planet Completely transformed into a desert and is absorbed in this satar. If there is an Alien Civin living here at that time, then she must have been so advanced, she must have predicted it already, and she must have been so advanced to save herself, she might be living inside the Glass Doom of Arcturus. . These organisms will be somewhat similar to Octopus, which will have a brain and only a nervous system in the name of the body. It is only believed because this planet no longer exists.


Alpha Centauri C


This planet orbits Alpha Centauri (4.3). It is a more habitable planet than Earth. Scientists say that there is more oxygen here than our earth because it is a triple star system, light comes from not one, but three stars on this planet. There may be trees and plants around this planet and like food with them. Fruit too. Being so rich in oxygen, the creatures living here could be quite large in size. Now the question is whether man can build his home on this planet in future or not.

In AI Simulation and Scientific Study we get to know that for the possibility of life this planet should be better than Earth, its temperature will be optimum and there will be water here. But being a triple stars system, its seasons can change extremely – like the temperature here can touch 60 degrees in winters and -90 degrees in winters. Such extreme temperature is seen only once in thousands of years.




In the year 2005, a signal comes from Saturn’s Moon near the Earth. This signal made everyone wonder whether there is any life here, whether the creatures living there have given a sign of their presence or something else. I was something that gave scientists evidence of water, methane, nitrogen and hydrogen and all these things are what exist on earth and because of them we are alive.

Looking at this idea, scientists sent the Cassani Huygens Probe for evidence on October 15, 1997, but they did not find any life. Cassani Huygens Probe brought us things that surprised even scientists one of them was Titan Rivers already published article on it you can check out. If you are saying can human survive on titan or not.

So the answer is no because this moon is very far from the sun as compared to the sunlight that falls on our earth only 1% of the sunlight reaches titan and even in that 1% of the light 90% of the light of Titan lies. Because of this, only 10% of the sunlight reaches Titan’s surface. This is the reason that the temperature of titan goes up to -190 degrees, which human can never live in this temperature.

So even thinking about life on titan is pointless. Although if we look at our earth 3.7 billion years ago earth was also like titan. Then after the impact of an asteroid, phosphorus and hydrocarbons were broken here on earth and they were converted into DNA and in the same way life came into existence. may exist. But the titan itself doesn’t want that because some changes are happening on the titan due to which the titan will be completely destroyed in the future

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