Death Star Superlaser: Planet killer Weapon can humans build this?

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Death Star Superlaser: On 14th November 2012, a petition was submitted at the American White House, which was signed by 35,000 American people. This petition stated that America should start the construction of the death star superlaser weapon for is national security from 2016.


Death Star


You might be wondering what exactly this death star Superlaser weapon. This means that lasers from space can destroy any planet. it is called the death star super laser weapons.


Death Star Superlaser


A weapon that with a single use can eradicate the entire civilization present on a planet and annihilate life, including the entire planet with in seconds.


These Questions are interesting


The question here is, what was the response of the US government to people’s petition? And is America secretly building the death star superlaser? And do we have any such weapon that can destroy the entire planet in just one shot?


Several Weapons to Destroy Planet


Just I while ago, I was watching a podcast in which they discussed one of the most powerful weapons had the capability to destroy planets in one shot. But after hearing about such powerful weapons, whether we can create powerful weapons using our current technology or in the future. That can destroy the entire planet, and upon researching, I came across several ideas for such destructive weapons that are so capable. So let’s discuss now all of them.

  • Death Star SuperLaser
  • Antimatter bomb
  • Tesla Oscillator earthquake machine
  • Nano boat swarm
  • Maybe we just need to push planets in a right direction


Death Star Superlaser


You must have heard about Israel’s air defense system, it is a laser weapon that can destroy the enemy missiles at what distance of 70 km in the air using a powerful laser. It is possible to create a powerful laser with our current technology that can destroy objects.


We just need to make an iron Dome-like system even more powerful and bigger, and if we take this laser system to an astronomical level. In other words, if its size is increased to the extent of the moon, it will be so capable that with its help, we could potentially destroy any planet or even the Earth itself in a single shot.


 So is this possible?  Well, obviously no, and the biggest reason for that is money. The cost involved in this project would be so high that even all the countries present on the entire earth cannot afford to fund it.


This explanation has not been provided by me, but by the American government itself. Because when in 2012, the American people started a petition to create a powerful planet, killing laser like the Death Star superlaser, according to the rules. If a petition receives more than 25,000 signatures, then the USA government is required to respond to it. And this petition have more than 35,000 signatures.


Therefore, the American government had to respond. In simple words the answer here was “no.”


Two main Reasons to reject


Two main reasons were given for it.


Firstly, creating a planet killing laser the death star like death star superlaser would require funding of approximately 850 quadrillion dollars. The number is more than 13,000 times that total GDP of earth.


The second major reason given was that the American government does not support the creation of any kind of weapon that can destroy a planet like as death star superlaser.



Antimatter Bomb


We already know that antimatter is an energy source that can provide us with an unimaginable amount of energy, even with a small quantity of antimatter.


For example Just one gram of antimatter can produced an explosion as powerful an average 300 kg nuclear bomb.




Let me tell you about antimatter, it is completely opposite to regular matter. The charge of all its atomic particles is also opposite to that of matter particles.


Anitmatter vs Matter


For example in normal matter electron have negative charge, whereas in antimatter, the same charge is positive.


However even with Antimatter, there are several significant problems. One such problem is storing antimatter. Even though we have been developing antimatter for 70 years, but we still cannot store it safely, and that’s the biggest reason. That devices used to store our antimatter are made of regular matter. If this is to come into contact it can result in a massive explosion that could destroy the entire laboratory or even the country where the laboratory is located.


Right now we cannot store antimatter, but scientists are working on a solution to this problem. We can store antimatter without touching it with matter using a magnetic field. Now a same technology, we can also be seen in China’s EAST tokamak fusion reactor. Which is a fusion reactor also known as artificial sun.


The special feature of this EAST tokamak is that it heats the plasma to a temperature 5 times hotter than the core of the Sun and to protect the reactor walls from this heat and magnetic field is created, in which the fusion reaction takes place. Which means with this kind of technology, we will soon be able to store antimatter as well.


The second and the biggest problem, which is the cost involved in creating an antimatter bomb. So, because we want to destroy a planet like earth with an antimatter bomb like as Death Star SuperLaser (which kill any earth own laser light) even 1 gram of antimatter is equivalent to several hundred kilograms of a nuclear bomb. We would need several trillion units of antimatter to destroy the entire Earth.


The reason is, we can be found by looking into the history of civilization. Because when 66 million years ago, earth collided with a Chicxulub asteroid that was 11 to 80 kilometers in size. The collision was so massive that according to scientific research, during this collision, it generated energy equivalent to 10 billion nuclear bombs on Earth.


Result after collided with earth


75% of the existing life on Earth perished, including the dinosaurs. Additionally, due to the powerful impact of the asteroid, a crater about 150 km in size was formed on Earth. If destroy our earth would I would need an several thousand antimatter bomb but human not been able to produce even one gram of antimatter. One gram of antimatter cost in the making process expected expenses would be 63 trillion dollars.



Tesla Oscillator earthquake machine


In 1930s when Nikola Tesla’s AC current had made him one of the world’s best scientists. With its help, artificial earthquakes could be generated. Because when Tesla turn on oscillator during testing, it was in the building where is Tesla’s laboratory was located. An earthquake occurred with in that entire building, and the building started shaking vigorously. Likewise, Tesla also turn on this device at several other places, but the results were the same everywhere.


How this Device worked?


The science behind it was quite simple. This device emitted frequencies that matched the frequencies of the surrounding atoms, allowing it to vibrate them. It’s exactly like what you may have seen where many people on the Internet shatter glass using the vibration of their voice. The biggest characteristic of Nikola Tesla’s device was that a small device that could fit in your package, had the power to shake not only an entire building What do you want a bridge with the force of an earthquake. But it’s also not like as death star superlaser.



Nano boat swarm


I think we should focus on making small weapons instead of big weapons, but in large quantities. The idea for this comes from a research paper from the 1940s. In which scientists Homer Jacobsen, Freeman Dyson, and John von Neumann have explored the idea of creating a self-replicating robot.


Such robots have the ability to exponentially grow in a very short period of time. But how can planets be destroyed using the robot of this kind? To understand this, imagine that we human create a self replicating robot that is quite small in size. But, it is made of natural element found on the target planet.


Now all we have to do is released this robot on that planet, and robot will take care of the rest of the work on its own. Because this robot will be programmed in such a way that initially it will remain hidden. And gradually, by self replicating, it will continue to advance its generation.


For example, one robot will create another robots, the 2 existing robots will create 4 more robots, then those 4 robots will create 8 more robots, and then those 8 robots will create 16 more robots. This way, a compounding effect will continue and after just 40 generations in the compounding cycle the number of these robots will reach trillions.


Here remember that these robots are consuming the natural elements of that planet to grow and replicate. Meaning, the more their numbers increase, the more destruction the planet will face, and after some time, their number will be so large that they will consume and destroy the entire planet.



Maybe we just need to push planets in a right direction


Any planet can only remain safe in a specific orbit, which becomes a safe path after billions of years of destruction. That’s why if you disturb the orbit of a planet even slightly its entire existence comes under threat. Moreover our universe is filled with planet killer monsters that can describe planets like earth in just a matter of seconds. So in such cases, all we need to do is simply send that targeted planet in the wrong direction.


For example, by changing the orbit of a planet like earth and redirecting it towards the sun or towards another large planet like Jupiter. And both situation, the planets complete destruction is guaranteed. But the biggest problem here is how to move the planet. And for that the amount of powerful engines required is currently beyond human capabilities. So far, you must have understood that destroying an entire planet is an incredibly task for humans.

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