Chandrayaan 3 Send Image of Moon’s Surface and Perform Tasks

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August 3, 2023 Around 6:04 PM IST, 8:34 AM UST Chandrayaan 3, the first time anyone has landed on the dark side of the Moon. Soon after landing, it sent mind-boggling pictures. We were seeing these pictures for the first time. Apart from this, the Chandrayaan 3 rover is going to make a huge discovery on the dark side of the Moon for the next 14 days.


Which pictures did Chandrayan 3 send?


Chandrayaan-3 has sent back a lot of video from the lunar orbit to the landing on the lunar surface. Another thing is that on the same day that Russia’s Luna 25 crashed, Chandrayaan 3 sent four images of the Moon’s surface to Earth. We were seeing these pictures for the first time which we could not see on earth.


But the big news is that it sent back many pictures of the moon’s surface after landing. Also Chandrayaan 3‘s Pragyan Rover is going to spend 14 days finding things that will make India very rich. The place where Chandrayaan 3 has landed has hidden secrets that no one knows about.


Chandrayaan 3 unlocks the secrets of the moon.


After the landing of Chandrayaan 3, the Pragyan rover was operated and all the instruments of the lander were checked. After which ISRO said that the lander and the rover are completely fine. And now pragyan rover is completely fine. When Chandrayaan 3 was landing on the moon. Then he took many pictures as you can see.

Moon Surface Picture Take by Chandrayaan 3


This is the first image in which the light of the moon is reflected from the surface of the moon. The reason why the surface of the moon is shining is the reason why we see the moon shining from the earth.

Moon Surface Picture by Chandrayaan 3


Video Of Chandrayaan 3


Now you can see a video when Chandrayaan 3 Lander land on Moon’s Surface




Apart from this, there are elements on the moon, the discovery of which, if India finds them, India will become rich very soon.

Moon Craters


But know this, India’s rover has gone out to find this discovery. Chandrayaan 3′s lander has no time, it will stand at its place and study. It will study the plasma particles in the moon’s weak atmosphere. And apart from that, what is the temperature of the moon during the day and how is the temperature of the moon at night will also be studied.


Apart from these, the lander of Chandrayaan 3 will also study the earth quake at the place where it has landed. In addition, it will study the surface of the moon by throwing a laser. Now you must have understood that this lander can know many things about the standing moon.




Now let’s talk about Rover. When Chandrayaan 3 landed on the moon on August 23, its doors were first opened and then the rover came out. As the rover slowly descended, it took its first steps on the moon. Which is a big achievement for India.


Now let me tell you a funny thing. This is a very big thing for India and it seems that there can be no greater happiness and many happiness for India. When the Pragyan Rover started moving on the lunar surface, its tires had the ISRO logo on them. As it moved forward, the ISRO logo became visible on the surface of the moon. As you can see in the picture.

First Image of Chandrayaan 3


And this is the first image that Chandrayaan 3 sent to Earth which made me very happy to see not India. Wherever this rover goes on the moon, the logo of ISRO will be there, which will be the proof that India sent a mission to the moon.

What is Chandrayaan 3 looking for?


Now the question arises as to what India’s Pragyan rover Chandrayaan 3 is looking for that will change India’s future.


The first thing the rover is going to look for is silicon.


Silicon on Moon Surface

Silicon is used in today’s advanced to advanced computers. And also used in many advanced machines. It is going to be lacking in the future. It makes semiconductors which are very important for technology. ISRO says that they are going to find this object on the moon. Its quantity on earth is very small. It is being said that its quantity may be very high on the moon. Now it will be known only when India’s rover finds it.


Apart from this, it is being said that Helium 3 is also present on the moon.


Helium 3 Also on Moon


From Helium 3 we can get energy. If India finds it on the moon, then India will not have any shortage of energy. It will run vehicles, trains, ships and most importantly, India can also send spacecraft into space.


The reason is that the amount of Helium 3 is decreasing on Earth, so it is being sought on the Moon. If India finds it, it will be very beneficial for India. It is said to be on the same spot on the moon and on the dark side where Chandrayaan 3 landed.


Now the third place is going to be searched for, which is known to all and that is water. If it finds water, it will be its biggest discovery because its main purpose is to find water.


And this water may be in the craters here. Because these craters are so large that even sunlight cannot reach them, it is said that the water in these craters is in the form of ice. If this rover finds water here, it will be the biggest discovery for India. And we will be able to see this discovery live on our mobile.


After this discovery, India will become richer than NASA. With the discovery of water, India can build its base camp there. Because water is very important for life. Hydrogen and Helium in it will be separated by using chemicals. Hydrogen can be used to propel vehicles on the moon, and oxygen for humans to breathe.


These are three things which India has done a great treasure. By finding which India can surpass all countries. The rover is equipped with instruments that will look inside the moon’s surface with a laser. which will detect the water inside the moon’s surface. And with it. It will detect Magnesium, Ammonium and other valuable elements in the soil of the moon and will also find Silicon and Helium through the same instruments.


But there is also a difficult time for India. India has to perform all these tasks within 14 days of Earth day and one lunar day. Because the lander and rover are equipped with 16 panels, where they land there will be only fourteen days of sunlight and after fourteen days it will be dark, then the batteries of the lander and rover will run out. It will be dead.


That means India has only fourteen days, they have to do what India has to do in fourteen days. If India fails to find them then this mission of India will fail and in the eyes of the world only India went to the moon but the reality will be something else.






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