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Last month a former intelligence officer, named  give a sworn testimony in the American Congress that America or the American military has with them the remains of UFO’s which are now called UAP’s (unidentified anomalous phenomena) or flying saucers, in a sense alien spacecraft. Not only days there claims in that the remains of the aliens driving them (AOP’s) are also in government custody. These are very big claims as you can guess so how to thing in this regard.


David Grush About UFO’s News


David Grush was in intelligence up till April. After that, he resigned from there and become a whistleblower, meaning he wanted to disclose some secrets. He has top-secret or whatever access he has to intelligence or classified information. His testimony is in a way sensational because it was under oath meaning you cannot tell a lie at that time.


In this testimony, he said the alien spacecraft with the American government were recorded after they crashed on earth and they also have the biological remains of the drives meaning aliens in a sense. Here this, this was a very specific claim how he talked about it, “he said he has not seen this thing first hand but he has interviewed several people who has first-hand information”.


He also said in UFO news that the recovery of this flying saucers or alien spacecraft has been going on for the last 70, 80 years and in this, not only the American government but some other governments are also involved, who, after recovering these spacecraft, did some reverse engineering and much advancement has taken place.


UFO Claim according David Grusch


Besides this, here is another claim from him that some aliens are Inter-dimensional also and so probably they can travel also in that way. David Grusch’s intention in the American government should publicly released this classified information.

David Grusch Claim About UFO


Now I don’t know have access to classified information absolutely not. My own firm belief is that in our universe rather in our own galaxy Milky Way intelligent life or intelligent life present. But this is a separate question, whether this type of intelligent life have visited the Earth or not. I think this is important to differentiate between the two. Can there be intelligent live somewhere else? And the second thing have any intelligent life or aliens visited the Earth? Because for the second claim of the visit to earth, we need strong evidence.


Proof of Aliens or UFO


Now you will say this testimony of David Grusch which again is under oath is a sworn testimony, this is a strong proof of alien spacecraft over here or the existence of aliens.

There are some doubtful things in it.


The first thing, when these types of claims can include that only by David Grusch the problem is lack of curiosity. There is a deficiency of quest or lack of interest and there is more focus on technology. What example, we actually got evidence that alien intelligence is present somewhere this would be a great revelation, not only for astronomy, but for physics, philosophy and especially biology.


Life evolved somewhere else and complex life forms evolved and not only complex life form was farmed on some other planet, but such intelligence came which were able to make tools and ProTools me a technology, and after that they reached us. This would be an amazing discovery.


If Aliens reach on earth


If Alien on Earth


Besides that this claim of David Brusch that we have alien spacecraft with us, immediately many very interesting question arise because if we seen a alien spacecraft (UFO) or even a small element of the spacecraft what sort of alien biology will be there. Do they use their hands? Do they possess eyes and ears or not? What type of sensors do they have? And then, if you see the construction or elements of the spacecraft through that we can find out, where is the planet situated from where these aliens have come, what sort of material is present there in large quantity, which part of the galaxy is it (planet) in.


And if we can analyse the exterior of the spacecraft through cosmic rays (radiation) we can find out how long has it been travelling in space. This type of analyses is also possible on meteorites which file on at how long were they in space, from which area have they come, What is the origin etc etc.


But if you say in this testimony and open which we have in science-fiction movies, more focuses on technology, and not only this but how to reverse engineer it.


In David Grucsh’s call destiny, there is no mention of what else did we find out from that information and if it is present for 70, 80 years why not revolution, took place in our academic fields.


UFO Discovered


The 2nd point when he said this spacecraft (UFO) are being discovered from the last 70, 80 years in fact David Grusch said in another interview and not in this testimony that in 1933 that Italian (fascist) government under Mussolini found a spacecraft (UFO) and then Vatican, you will say all of it looks something like Dan Brown the Da Vinci code man there can be some doubts about it so David Grusch said in the interview that the Pope (Vatican) at that time helped American government to take out the alien spacecraft (UFO) which was in Italy’s custody and then it reached America.


UFO Discovered


These alien spacecraft (UFO) claim that for the last 70, 80 years not only the American government, but other governments in the world are involved and they have different spacecraft with them. In spite of that, no evidence has come out and nobody has leaked any information. I think that this is more unbelievable than probably that this did not happen.


The third thing he said that the aliens are probably inter dimensional species. He has used a lot of terminologies here holographic universe general, relativity, quantum physics etc etc. Leave all these things. Now, besides, the proof of aliens you have added and other things.


Another Thing Added


Now how to prove that meaning you have added one more physics. Now in a way and I will say it again, I have no access to classified information, but for me these things that three points I have mentioned lack of curiosity focus only on technology or these things going on for 70, 80 years and different governments are involved but nothing tangible emerged in this inter dimensionality which has been added, new physics about it (aliens) has been added. It’s suspicious and it is probably not correct.

Then you will ask, why is David Grucsh saying this under oath. I do not know. To prove why is he saying it’s different from the fact that what evidence do we have. Science does not work in this way that you disprove something suppose you have seen a flying saucer and you ask others to disprove it. No you should have positive evidence of that.

Have Evidence of UFO?


And up till now we have no evidence of UFO alien biology.


Now you can say what would you require to prove the claim about these sorts of aliens UFO. See we have many example of what is the process of science.


Here this testimony of David Grusch is an extra ordinary claim no doubt but the evidence is only that he has heard it from others. I think the testimony of David Grusch has importance, but not because it gives us evidence of UFO, alien spacecraft, or alien intelligence rather according to me, it has importance, because how this sort of ideas, inspite of having many red flags can reach congress and then this type of congressional hearing take place and these thing in a way get ballooned up.


But as far as the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is concerned, in any other civilisation present in our galaxy, or in our universe, I think we do not have evidence of that yet, but the day we get it that would be a great day and its implication will be awesome.

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