How Did our Solar System Form?

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Today we humans exist on earth and our solar system where all the planets, moon, asteroids and comets, meteors are all orbiting around the sun. Has anyone ever wondered how this solar system came to be? Where the normal age of human being is 60 years to 70 years, similarly the age of the stars is in billion years and today the sun is 4.5 billion years old which is very old how the sun was formed and how our solar system was formed. Rather Rajendra Gupta claimed that our solar system is 27 billion years old. Now from this we can estimate how old our solar system is.


How Solar System Form!


Well, now the question also comes that how can we find out how our solar system was formed 4.5 billion years ago? Astronomers have some theories. It was stated in them that stars are formed in a gas cloud, so our sun was a part of a gas cloud and the part where the sun used to come collapsed, in which the sun was formed and a proto-planetary disk was also formed with the sun.


This Proto Planetary Disk material eventually formed from the planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto etc. This process went on for a few million years before the formation of the sun and now we have a There is no indication of that Proto Planetary Disk because that entire part became part of the planets. And today, when we look at the planets, there is no material between them.

Now how can we look at another solar system to capture an image of the Proto Planetary Disk? A telescope is Alma Observatory you can also see in the picture.

ALMA Observatory
Credit: NASA

Which stands for Atacama Large Millimeter Array. This telescope is located in the desert of Chile. These telescopes can take great pictures of the Proto Planetary Disk. Now he took a picture of a star, the name of this star is HL TAO. This star is located at a distance of 4.5 light years from us, you can also see its

Protoplanetary Disk with Solar System

In this image you can see that there is a star in the middle and a disk is visible around it, this disk is called Proto Planetary Disk. The age of this star is one million years, you can say that this star has just been born. The special thing about it is that it has a Proto Planetary disk, but gaps are visible in it. And this gap is showing that some planets have already formed in it and are clearing the material of this Proto Planetary Disk. That planet may be like our Earth, like Jupiter, or like a planet.

Here we see a disk that we immediately knew was a juvenile star. . This way we can take pictures of different stages and we can identify our story of our solar system.

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