Saturn Add 63 New Moons – Super Saturn – Facts and Info

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The Solar System is the small part of our space that contains our Earth, the Sun, and the rest of the seven planets. Our Earth is also included in this small portion family. We humans have discovered the most distant objects and places in space. Even if our dreams are as big as we want.

But the truth is that we don’t even know the solar system properly yet. Hey, the solar system is so far away, we don’t even know our earth properly yet. Because there are many mysteriously to be solved right now on our earth. New discoveries every day confirm that there are still many mysterious things for humans to discover. One such finding was made recently.

Few days ago twenty new moons of Saturn have been discovered. And in today’s article we are going to know the amazing and interesting facts of Saturn and also these twenty moons.

Today we will learn about Saturn that how many moons Saturn have and also discussed about j1407b and facts about Saturn follow as:

  • Expand Saturn Knowledge
  • 20 New Moons Discovered of Saturn
  • Saturn has three groups.
  • New Planet was found like Saturn
  • Powerful storms on Saturn

Expand Saturn Knowledge

Now before we move on to the new discovery, let’s expand on the knowledge of Saturn. Saturn is the sixth planet in our solar system from our sun and the second largest planet in this solar system. Its radius is 58232 km, 9 times larger than our Earth. If we talk about its weight, it alone is equal to the weight of 95 earths. Saturn is famous for its beautiful rings. Which are actually particles of dust and stone orbiting it. Saturn takes 29 years and 6 months to orbit the Sun. It is a gas giant made up of highly hydrogen.

20 New Moons Discovered of Saturn

Till now you must have seen and heard in School books that Saturn has 62 moons but you will be happy to know that 20 new members have been added to this family of Saturn. Now the total number of Moons of Saturn is 82. Along with this, Saturn also broke the record of Jupiter’s moons which was 79.

Now the crown of having the most moons in our solar system has also gone to Saturn. The New Moon was announced on October 7, 2019 by the International Union Minor Planet Center. All the credit for making this discovery goes to a team of science astronomers. Which was led by Scott Shepherd.

Wait a minute, maybe I accidentally forgot to give credit to someone. Well, the real credit goes to the Subaru Telescope built on Mauna Kea. The telescope with the help of which these moons were found. Let me tell you now that the Subaru telescope is one of the advanced large telescopes in the world

A question must have come to your mind now. If not, then let me tell you this question and yes, I will also answer it. If Saturn’s moons were discovered a hundred years ago, why weren’t these moons discovered at that time? Why wasn’t it discovered at that time, were they not orbiting Saturn before, or were we mistaking them for something else?

So the point is that Saturn and its moons are quite large. Saturn’s largest moon is Titan with a diameter of 500 km. But these newly discovered moons are much smaller, none exceeding 5 kilometers in diameter. This 5 km is equivalent to the bacteria in our solar system that are all around us but we cannot see.

Saturn has three groups.

Well let me tell you that the moons are divided into three different parts.

  1. Norse Group
  2. Gallic Group
  3. Invit Group

Let us first discuss the seventeen moons placed in the Norse Group. These are the moons that orbit Saturn far away from Saturn’s orbit but are rotating in the opposite direction of Saturn. The remaining groups are two types of groups in which one group is named Gallic Group and the other group is named Invit Group. The rest of the moons are placed in these two groups. These two moons of the group move in the direction of Saturn. And they are close to Saturn.

63 More New Moons Discover

Now there is also a question whether other moons of Saturn have been discovered or not. Let me tell you that according to today’s International Astronomical Union report, 145 moons have been recognized.

New Planet was found like Saturn

Everyone knows how big Saturn is, many of you are crazy about the color of Saturn. But I am going to introduce you to such a planet, so some of you might be crazy about the color of this planet Saturn. You can call this planet Super Saturn, say Saturn On Strerods.

Super Saturn J1407bThis is the planet that is very amazing. The ring of this planet is much bigger than the ring of Saturn of our solar system or about 200 times bigger. The planet, officially known as J1407B, was discovered in 2012. But still not confirmed where it is.

Scientists think it could be a gas giant. Like Jupiter and Saturn in our Solar System, or a Brown Dwarf. A Brown Dwarf is an object that falls between gas giants and small stars in our space. They are made of exactly the same material that a star is made of. But they don’t have enough mass to start hydrogen fusion and that’s why it’s not a star.

This planet is also revolving around the sun like other planets. It is located at a distance of 434 light years from our Earth. This planet is very young for the age of our Sun. Our sun came into existence 4.6 billion years ago, this planet came into existence 100 million years ago. Its weight is equal to 20 Jupiters, one Jupiter weighs 318 Earths.

It is estimated that one of the rings of Super Saturn weighs as much as one of our Earths. The diameter of Super Saturn’s ring is 180 Million Kilometers. And on the other hand, our earth is at a distance of 147.2 km from the sun. This means the diameter of Super Saturn’s ring is greater than the distance between Earth and the Sun.

Imagine what would happen if Super Saturn were placed in place of Saturn. Then we will be able to see it with the naked eye, yet it will appear larger than the full moon. A gap of 71 million kilometers has been seen between the rings of Super Saturn, due to which the scientist thinks. Could be a Mars-sized Super Saturn.

They also discuss how to make this ring. Some scientists believe that its ring may have been formed at the time of its discovery or it may have been formed from the debris of an object that fell on the planet. Astronomers say the ring will begin to thin in the coming years. Then finally it will become its moon and disappear. Super Saturn is not the only unique planet in our Universe. There are many planets and stars that this world is unaware of.

Powerful storms on Saturn

Now the winds in Saturn’s atmosphere run at 1,100 mph, that is, 1,800 kilometers per hour, which is much faster than the winds on Jupiter. While the most powerful storms on earth have reached a speed of only 300 miles i.e. 483 kilometers per hour. The speed of storms of Saturn, Jupiter and our earth may increase further in the coming time.

Many astronomers consider Saturn to be the most beautiful planet in our solar system because of its stunning rings. Saturn’s real name is Jewel of the Solar System. Let me also tell you that Saturn has seven main rings which consist of thousands of smaller rings. The farthest ring from the planet, called the E Ring, is about 18,000 miles (300,000 kilometers) across. In contrast, the F Ring is about 20 to 300 miles, that is, 30 to 500 kilometers. Read more about our earth problems.


In the vast space of our Solar System, we’ve explored planets like Saturn, which has beautiful rings and many moons. Recently, we discovered 20 new moons around Saturn, making it the planet with the most moons in our Solar System.

Thanks to amazing telescopes like Subaru, we could find these new moons and learn more about Saturn’s family. But our journey doesn’t stop there. We found a fascinating planet called Super Saturn, with a gigantic ring much bigger than Saturn’s.

The universe is full of wonders, and we’re just beginning to understand it. Our curiosity and the efforts of scientists have brought us closer to these celestial marvels.

The more we learn, the more we realize how much there is to explore and discover. Our human spirit of exploration and the tools we create, like telescopes, help us uncover the secrets of the cosmos. We’re not only exploring faraway planets but also discovering mysteries right here on Earth. So, let’s keep exploring, keep asking questions, and keep seeking knowledge.

The universe is vast, and there’s so much more to know. Our journey continues, and with each new discovery, we grow closer to the wonders of the universe.


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