The Hollow Moon Theory Exposed

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On November 20, 1969, when NASA’s Apollo 12 crash on the surface of moon is so technically after that crash either there should have been a-slight earthquake in some parts of the moons or alternatively while absorbing that impact, some kind of major crater should have formed on the area of the crash.



Ring Sound on Moon Mystery


But on that day and some readings were recovered by NASA equipment is that resembled a bell ringing. To explain it in simple terms, that on that day, after that collision, the moon rang in a similar way, just like how a ringing sound is produced in a bell after applying and external force.


Now what is the matter that why don’t you take a look at any bell? The biggest fundamental of its structure is that an instruction on which is cracking sound is made it is always hollow from the inside, meaning it is hollow. That’s why moon crater that kind of ringing sound.


But in this incident of the year 1969 and if the moon showed any such characteristics at that time then can it be assumed that our moon is completely hollow inside the upper surface, and if the moon is really hollow then what inside it is the technology of an alien species, as shown to us in the movie.


Well, these are the kind of questions that have been compelling people to think about them for many years. But is there any proof in favor of it or not? Can those proofs be justified or not? And if their justification is not possible, then what is the real size behind those claims?


Idea of Hollow Moon


Basically this whole fiasco started in 1901, but its strings are connected from the year 1692 and then the famous physicist and astronomers Edmond Halley proposed if the idea that the Earth may have four layers but the Earth is also hollow from the inside, within which alien life forms exist.


Now you can read about this theory in different sources by searching for the Hollow earth theory as well.


Earth Layers


Now it is a difficult matter that in the coming few centuries by using different research and methods that scientist almost certainly proved that that is not hollow from inside from any angle. But when inspired by this theory in the year 1901, the famous signs friction novel writer HG Wells published a story called “The First Men in the Moon.”




In which he presented a moon that seemed completely solid from above, but there was nothing inside it.


Now after reading the story conspiracy theorists experienced a different kind of dopamine rush, and since then influenced by this story, and people started conducting various research, studies, and using figures to attempt to prove it, then the move is truly hollow from the inside of an alien civilization is hidden inside it.


But to prove how true this claim is various agreements are presented among which is the most famous argument is a regarding the density of the moon is comparison to the Earth.



How Moon Form from Earth



According to current understanding, approximately  4.425 ± 0.025 billion year ago from today a mars like psuedo planetary structure named theia from outer space collided with the early stage Earth. So after the collapse of both these bodies are major portion of the Earth shattered and gathered around it from all sides an the collected spherical form of that gathered portion is now known to us our Moon is today’s date.


Density of Moon and Moon


Now contradicting this theory the people who support the Hollow moon say that if there is even a slight truth in this theory then the densities of earth and the moon should have been either almost equal to each other or have a difference of 19-20.


Moon is not part of the Earth?


But the reality is that while the earths average density is 5.51 g/cm3, far is the moon, it comes out to be 3.34 g/cm3. Which is slightly more than half of the Earth’s density, and reference to such a significant distance, somewhere this thing also proves this entities were never a part of each other, but their story something else altogether.


Now, see, this argument certainly seems very valid but we also find its answer is Theia Theory.


Actually about approximately 4 billion years ago when theia collided with earth the impact of that collision did not reach the earth’s core. Rather the part of the Earth that was separated from the Earth was either of its upper crust or of the outer mantle.


Now during that period when earth was in its early stages, even then if you remove the overall Earth and look at the density of only the Earth crust


It comes out to be approximately 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter. Which is very close to the density of the moon and that is why we assume that after that collision, only the part of Earth’s crust and mantle collected above, and then the figure of the moon’s density comes out to be completely accurate and fits perfectly with this logic.


Now it is a matter of numbers, but no one can deny what everyone witnessed in the year 1969, then looking at that reading, how can anyone be so certain that there will be no alien simulation inside the moon? So for this we have to study some data.

Years 1969 to 1977 Moons Mission

In all the lunar mission executed from the years 1969 to 1977, seeing the first reading. NASA add install many sets seismographs on the moon. So that seeing the earthquakes coming on the moon, that idea of what is inside it can be applied.


Apollo Mission



Now in this me, and you can see on which areas that equipment of those Apollo missions were landed and installed. When the readings were extracted from these equipment


Moon Reading Graph


It looks like this and these readings tell us two important things.


Firstly the reading of Moonquake and its impact change from area to area, and according to shallow and deep quakes that results also change many times.

Secondly From these readings, another thing became known that just like on the Earth on the moon during an earthquake vibrations travel from one place to another and show their effect, even if quake was artificially created.


Now those properties while assembling that on and all other celestial bodies are sufficient to show that the space between the moon’s core and its outer surface is not hollow but it is definitely filled with some form of matter with a certain density and this is one of the several reason that make the chances of our moon, being hollow reach almost nil. I know.



Result of the Ringing


Now the results of the ringing the graph shows that


shallow moonquakes occurring


Like this, shallow moonquakes occurring on the moon which means those whose impact does not reach significant depth were mostly absorbed for such ringing results due to difference in texture, type and density of the planetary strata but none of those readings were signaling any empty space at all.


Now this data when synchronized with other upcoming data like thermal, radioactivity and similar readings, we got this portrayal as a result


the moon’s upper crust made of oxygen


Like this, in which you can absorb the moon’s upper crust made of oxygen, silicone, magnesium, iron, calcium and aluminum, as well as its other layers.


Yes, look, there is definitely a coincidence here that which I was also surprised to hear for the first time, which KC also referred to in the movie ‘Moon Fall” released in 2022. And that is that the Sun is 400 times wider than our moon and the amazing coincidences that from earth’s perspective, the Sun is also exactly 400 times more distant than our moon due to which these two celestial bodies are exactly the same size in the sky.


Moon Earth Sun


Like this, now if we try to explain in the logic of this thing no one can prove it, because obviously it is better to consider it as a coincidence, because it is not necessary for there to be some mind-bending logic behind everything in this universe. It is possible that it was made like this.


If it is a matter of moving the moon from its orbit and coming to the Earth that it is practically impossible as shown in the movie because out moon is going 1 1/2 inches away from us every year since the moon is not hollow from the inside there is no possibility of any spaceship structure inside it.

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